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Homage to the longest lasting day..

So today is apparently meant to be the longest lasting day. I say this with some skepticism as I draw the curtains, turn on the lights, and sit down to write this. It’s 20.07. 

The ‘long day’ got me thinking about the beauty products we’ve all been told last long and ultimately fail to deliver. I can certainly name a few and I’m sure you can too!

That being said, here’s something that worked for me..


I have been wearing Zoya nail lacquer for around 10 days now and IT’S STILL ON !  If your experiences are anything like mine, you will find nail varnishes start chipping almost as soon as the first day is through. This has just not been the case for me with this product. It lasts and the colour doesn’t fade or loose its’ shine.

Packaging – nothing special. It’s nail varnish.

Brush – really easy to use and the bristles stay on the brush, not on your nails!

Colours – Zoya nail varnishes come in over 300 different colours. My colour was the Zoya – Charla. I wasn’t too sure at first how it would look when it was on. I’m usually not very impressed with glittery nail varnishes as it takes about 5 coats to make the glitter really stand out. This, however, was very bright and shimmery after the first coat.

Coverage – you can get away with one coat, but for the best effect I would go for two!

Where can you get it? – Oddly enough I found this at the Whole Foods Store. I haven’t been able to locate it anywhere else. They seem to only sell them to salons or spas which makes it a bit harder to get but you can also order off their online store 🙂

Price – saved the best for last? Not really. It cost me £11 for the bottle. My account can rest assured that I will not be making this a regular purchase … or so I keep telling myself..


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