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Reading reKindled

I’ve been getting a lot of questions (in real life..not here..obviously,  with no followers ..but let’s not go there) about my Kindle. ”How often do you use it?”, ”How long does it last?” , ”Why don’t you just read a real book?”

Well, let’s just start by saying I’m not really a book lover. Quite a controversial statement for someone who owns a Kindle (and now a blog, scary), but it’s true. I read, but don’t usually do it for fun. I do have a favorite book (American Psycho by Brett Easton Ellis) , which to me is a sure sign that I haven’t read enough.

So I got the Kindle last year and 6 months in, I’m still using it. <— big deal for me


How often do I use it? – Every single day. Not a day missed since November 2011. It’s like an AA recovery program for non-readers.

How long does it last? – I use it for roughly 40 mins per day. I charged my battery 2 months ago. That should give you an idea!

Why don’t I read a real book ? – Practicality. The books that I have gathered over the years take up too much space, either strewn over the house or in my bag. The Kindle weighs half a pound.

Ironically I am just this weekend going to buy a bookshelf to store all my real books. If I’m brave enough, I will post my ‘collection’ on here.

Recovering Non-Reader

4 thoughts on “Reading reKindled

  1. I have my kindle because of space reasons as well. I have gotten tired of carrying around boxes and boxes of books. The kindle is so much easier holding all of your books in one little screen. Glad you are reading again 🙂

  2. I like your review. As you may or may not know, I recently moved to the Congo (not the massive Congo that scrawls across central Africa, but the lesser known little brother that hangs out by the sea, hoping no one will notice it as it surfs along on its brother’s wave).
    I knew that living here would be pretty basic, and I’m up for it. I saw it as a chance to catch up on all the reading that I want to do, but haven’t been able to do because of study/work commitments over the last couple of years.
    So, I bought a Kindle… I spent my last bit of renovation money on a Kindle because I love the fact that it weights a pound, that it can hold 3000 of my favourite books and that if I’m travelling across country, that the battery life would last.
    I was not expecting to arrive and have my internet connection be so slow, that I could write an entire book, make the paper from scratch and bind its spine using my big and little toe to sew it all together before I’d get signal that lasted long enough to make it to the Amazon store.

    Of course, this is not a review of the Kindle, but rather a review of my own stupidity. If you’d like, another day I can let you in on the secret of how I managed to buy an iPhone so I could use Whatsapp and keep in better contact with all my friends, only for a similar story to the one I’ve just told you about to occur (and by similar I mean exactly the same). I’ve entitled that short story “I’m all iPhone and no apps”.

    1. Your reply was far more entertaining than I could ever hope my entire blog to be. An idea though….no actually I’ll send this to you on fb…

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