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The Vow: Review

I vow never to see this movie again.

Short and sweet synopsis: starring  Rachel McAdams and Tatum Channing/Channing Tatum (tomatoe tomato) , the Vow is a movie ”inspired by true events” about a couple who meet, fall in love, get married,have a car accident, wife suffers a brain injury and amnesia and conveniently forgets her husband. Husband then tries to make wife remember him by doing nice things. 

There. That’s it.

It’s also full of a lot of squishy moments like so ..


The only saving grace apart from Tatum Channing/Channing Tatums’ abs, is the ‘inspired by true events’ tagline. This always gets me no matter what movie I’m watching. The dullest movies are instantly turned into box office hits (if you don’t believe me, watch any of the Paranormal Activities).

But alas, not enough to make me love it!

What did you think? A good blogger would <insert poll here> because they know how.. I’ll get there.






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