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Backward Future?

Yes I fell for it too.

This morning I woke up to the news that yesterday , 27th June 2012, was the day that Marty Mcfly travelled to the future in Back to the Future II. Although the date is slightly off (real date being 21st October 2015) , I seriously doubt that we will achieve anything that amazing by 2015 that we can’t do an audit now.

So let’s see…

Flying Cars – No. Not happening . And don’t argue by telling me that somewhere in Japan they’re ‘working on something’ . It doesn’t count. If I don’t see it as often as my local Starbucks it’s not real and it’s not happening.

Time travel – Technically, no. Although some places in the world will throw you right back to 1985,  we aren’t quite there yet.

Video conferencing – We’re there ! And boy are we there. I think this was one of those things that everyone in the 80’s was excited about and the minute we got it, the hype was over. Why? Because we look absolutely terrible. I remember recoiling at the sight of myself on my first video call, not quite believing it was me. To this day I still need at least 1 minute recovery time at the beginning of every call. Obviously there are pro’s to all this technology and I don’t dispute that, but I do wonder at times how much of it is necessary. I’m genuinely scared to add up all the minutes I spend on here, twitter, facebook, email, tumblr, youtube, google, gmail, hotmail, college email .. just typing those names took a minute.

Gaming (!) – this one I was particularly excited to see. As with Back to the Future IIs’ 2015 where kids used nothing but their hands to control the game, this is possible now with the Wii and Kinect! Not ashamed to say this is a great achievement for mankind.

In many ways, McFly’s future has become our reality. We are consumed by electronics, obsessed with plastic surgery (also referenced in the movie), we eat too much and exercise too little.

So what else could be in the pipeline? A couple of years ago I couldn’t have imagined talking to my grandfather halfway across the world and seeing his face at the same time; or storing over 1000 books on one device, or doing all of my banking on a mobile phone. The possibilities seem endless but when will we start to plateau? More of a worry…when will it start to have a negative impact? (doing everything electronically is great but I haven’t handwritten a letter in 9 years, this bothers me).

We have 3 years to Back to the Future’s 2015 deadline, and 7 years to Bladerunners’ 2019 deadline. How does your future look?

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