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London in a day

Good-day bloggers!

Today is marked as the day I realized that summer is not coming to England this year. The sun has taken us off its’ facebook friend list and un-followed us on twitter.

So what can you do in London in the rain? Here are a couple of indoor things I tried this weekend with varying degrees of success. (stop reading now if you’re expecting Big Ben and Buckingham Palace).

M&M World

”Art” in M&M World

Yes , that’s right.

There exists a place in Leicester Square where you can not only buy M&M’s, you can buy M&M mugs, t-shirts, figurines (for £120 I kid you not), posters, dolls, cushions and magnets. This is also where Londoners go to lose their children to four floors of sugary madness.

Who is this outing bad for? – Parents.

Who is this outing good for? – Those who don’t know what an M&M is , or have a mental disorder.

Camden Market (the food part)

Once you get past the layers of fluorescent tulle and leather, Camden Market is still one of my favourite places to go. I’m also pretty sure that the Stables market went through a major overhaul as it all seems a lot bigger than it was a couple of years ago. A day here will make you feel like you have been wasting your life away in an office and were in fact destined to stop washing your hair, become a painter, wear fair trade clothing, and sell your wares on the street. It’s a beautiful life.

Who is this outing bad for? – People who hate crowds. In fact London altogether is bad for that. Leave now.

Who is this outing good for? – Everyone else.

Herman ze German

If you managed to escape Camden without eating, Herman ze German is quite good for anyone who happens to be near Charing Cross/Trafalgar Square and likes wurst sausages. Their menu is fairly simple which is always refreshing to see and the wurst doesn’t have a bad taste to it either!

Here’s where they are:

If you’re on any kind of diet – come to Herman ze German! …And make sure it’s the only meal you have that day.

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