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Olympics in 5,4,3….

Good-day bloggers!

The Olympic torch will be stalling traffic near me on Monday. In fact , the Olympics as a whole will be stalling traffic and all other forms of transportation for the next month or so. Seven years of preparation has led to new bus lanes, new buses, olympic lanes, and handy tips like this..

Good honest advice.

We are in no way prepared for any of this. Watch a re-run of the Beijing Olympic ceremony and tell me if we’re that prepared.

Here was what we did to give everyone a taste of what was to come in 2012:

           Boris Johnson got off a double-decker bus in the middle of the Beijing ceremony (which later turned into a Transformer..)

           David Beckham attempted to kick a ball into a goal (which he missed and instead hit the unsuspecting Chinese public)

          Leona Lewis (who no one had heard of outside the U.K let alone Beijing) sang a song with Jimmy Page on guitar. There’s also a high possibility no one in Beijing knew who Jimmy Page was either.

If you’re anything like me, you only watch the Olympics for the opening ceremony, falling runners and gymnasts, and the occasional streaker.

I cannot wait for this potential disaster 🙂

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