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Last night a yoghurt saved my life

I’m not proud of blogging about food for the second time in one week, however I’ll just let this one simmer:

A picture I took of a salad (greek, no olives, light dusting of parmesan..) , got more ‘likes’ on facebook than my wedding photo.

There. Now I don’t feel so bad. And you want a salad.

To continue , a couple of nights ago we went to the Lahore Karahi curry house. I am not a great fan of the Lahore Karahi curry house, nor am I a great fan of curry itself. In fact I’m pretty sure had it not been for my company, I would never go here. Nonetheless it has become a regular haunt and I have convinced myself that I like it. Without fail, the following happens every time:

– We walk in, I order a ‘mango juice’.

Trusty Mango Juice

– We sit down. I know I’ll have the lamb korma but I look intently at the menu for 5 minutes or so.
My company orders the chilliest item on the menu (asking for extra chilli) .

– The meals arrive both more or less looking like this..

Yoghurt with some curry.

– I take the first bite and , to anyone who has been with me to the Lahore Karahi curry house, this is usually the point at which I compliment the food immensely.

” This is great”

”This is the best curry house in London”

” We always come here”

– By the second and third bite, I’m more sound effects than words. My company usually confuses this for pleasure or also doesn’t care at that point. I start sweating and hope it looks like a healthy glow. I ask for more yoghurt.

The key ingredient.

– The yoghurt quickly disappears but the worst is over. I glance over at everyone else and they are either finished or putting more hot sauce over the remaining food. I can’t feel my mouth anymore or taste the mango juice, but I just manage to lisp out

” We should come here more often ”

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Life’s a Beach

Today was Day 2 of hot weather. You keep count of these things when they’re rare. And as the masses migrated to the closest beach they could find, we went further into the centre. Here’s why..

Rooftop beach.

The Roundhouse in Camden has dumped 150 tonnes of beach sand onto its’ roof for sun-lovers to enjoy a day at the seaside without the sea.

Good points – It’s free! And it’s a beach.

Bad points – My guess is that once word about this spread, everyone had the same idea we did and came here. It’s a small and tight space and your day at the beach soon turns into a day in the life of a sardine …with sand.

Don’t believe me? – See it for yourself at the Roundhouse just outside of Chalk Farm underground station. It all disappears after Wednesday 22nd August so get to it!

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Good-day bloggers!
Today we celebrate a very special day indeed. If you have been living under a rock and have never heard of Chilango, I strongly encourage you to head down to Islington and give this burrito place a try. If you have not had a burrito, you have not lived.

Celebrating their 5th Birthday today Chilango were giving out free burritos from 12-8pm, turning out pork, chicken and steak burritos at lightning speed.

Patient burrito lovers

A warning: do not let the size of the queue deter you. The moment you are handed a burrito equaling in weight to a small baby, you will not be disappointed. I remember the first time I held my burrito in my arms.

my ‘usual’.

A personal favorite is the pork burrito, you just can’t go wrong with pork . The burrito is filled with your choice of black beans, pinto beans, guacamole, cheese, cream, salsa and rice (please see above reference to small baby weight).

All in all, the best free thing I’ve had this year. Thank you Chilango ! Let’s make this a yearly thing?

5 years and counting.
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Mission ‘Inspire a Generation’ Complete

” I’m feeling very Olympic today, how ’bout you? ”

If any of you have ever seen the movie Cool Runnings , you would be familiar with this line and the image of up-beat and sunny Sanka from Jamaica, standing huddled in a crowd of cold and somber Canadians.

Yesterday? Everyone was up-beat and sunny Sanka from Jamaica. I don’t mean this literally because that would just be strange, not to mention impossible.

So after two weeks of hosting the Olympic games, here are some images which may not inspire a generation, but certainly inspired me this weekend.

Crowds gathered around and on top of Nelson’s Column and CLIMBING up to get a better view. This is a big deal for Londoners. We don’t climb onto anything.
Complete strangers gathered to celebrate the men’s marathon on the final day. This would never happen on a normal day and, as far as I’m aware, noone would dress this way on a normal day either.
Spot the skater. Inspiring a generation comes in many forms, even if it is on a wooden plank with wheels.
Drawing almost as much of a crowd as the marathon was ‘Flame Proof Moth’ , who sang a lovely song about a broom and it’s many uses.
This (not) mountain climber celebrated the Olympics by trying (and failing) to go past the 5th stone of the bridge. Many a passer-by was impressed at the amount of times he fell.
Obligatory ‘Shard’ photo. It’s the new Big Ben.
Our final destination. It was worth it.

Two things are certain :

1. If we get this chance again, we should not be given the opportunity to arrange our own opening and closing ceremonies.

2. This was an incredible time to be alive and living in this city.

So I’m still feeling very Olympic , how ’bout you?

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Annoying news of the week

I certainly didn’t think I would be writing about 50 Shades of Grey anytime soon again but I just read the news that Brett Easton Ellis is no longer in the shortlist of screenwriters for the movie.

If this means nothing to you, you’ve either a) never read 50 Shades of Grey (good), or b) never heard of Brett Easton Ellis (BAD!).

After reading the novels, the all too predictable news hit the social networks that there would be a movie about the trilogy coming out. I was less than thrilled.

Then word spread that Easton Ellis would be screenwriting and my attention zoomed back to it. He would have, in my opinion, been the only one capable of portraying the complexity of the characters better than the book ever could have (Sorry E.L James but even you’d probably agree).

And now? Currently in the running are Dan Fogelman, Veena Sud, Kelly Marcel and Karen Croner. I should remind everyone here that the books are about sex, bondage and dominant/submissive relationships.

Croner wrote Cars 2.

Cars v whips and chains.

On the sunny side of the street, Easton Ellis may well have avoided the death of his career by not being chosen for this. What do you think?

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Not just another Sunday

Good morning bloggers!

A short and sweet one today to share my excitement for the 100m final. Yesterday was an extraordinary day for TeamGB and a lesson in crowd psychology for me. Ennis, Farah and…the redhead guy, all went on to claim 6 gold medals, all spurred on by a crowd 80.000 people strong.

Their running, long jumping, and javelin throwing truly seemed to get better with the roar of the crowd.
If this doesn’t come close to the ‘inspire a generation’ tag line for this Olympics, I don’t know what will.