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Mission ‘Inspire a Generation’ Complete

” I’m feeling very Olympic today, how ’bout you? ”

If any of you have ever seen the movie Cool Runnings , you would be familiar with this line and the image of up-beat and sunny Sanka from Jamaica, standing huddled in a crowd of cold and somber Canadians.

Yesterday? Everyone was up-beat and sunny Sanka from Jamaica. I don’t mean this literally because that would just be strange, not to mention impossible.

So after two weeks of hosting the Olympic games, here are some images which may not inspire a generation, but certainly inspired me this weekend.

Crowds gathered around and on top of Nelson’s Column and CLIMBING up to get a better view. This is a big deal for Londoners. We don’t climb onto anything.
Complete strangers gathered to celebrate the men’s marathon on the final day. This would never happen on a normal day and, as far as I’m aware, noone would dress this way on a normal day either.
Spot the skater. Inspiring a generation comes in many forms, even if it is on a wooden plank with wheels.
Drawing almost as much of a crowd as the marathon was ‘Flame Proof Moth’ , who sang a lovely song about a broom and it’s many uses.
This (not) mountain climber celebrated the Olympics by trying (and failing) to go past the 5th stone of the bridge. Many a passer-by was impressed at the amount of times he fell.
Obligatory ‘Shard’ photo. It’s the new Big Ben.
Our final destination. It was worth it.

Two things are certain :

1. If we get this chance again, we should not be given the opportunity to arrange our own opening and closing ceremonies.

2. This was an incredible time to be alive and living in this city.

So I’m still feeling very Olympic , how ’bout you?

3 thoughts on “Mission ‘Inspire a Generation’ Complete

    1. Thank you so much! Enjoyed your first post and keep at it! I’m relatively new to this myself so it’s always great to know I’ve reached a bigger audience than my mother! (although even that I’m grateful for at this stage) 🙂

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