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Good-day bloggers!
Today we celebrate a very special day indeed. If you have been living under a rock and have never heard of Chilango, I strongly encourage you to head down to Islington and give this burrito place a try. If you have not had a burrito, you have not lived.

Celebrating their 5th Birthday today Chilango were giving out free burritos from 12-8pm, turning out pork, chicken and steak burritos at lightning speed.

Patient burrito lovers

A warning: do not let the size of the queue deter you. The moment you are handed a burrito equaling in weight to a small baby, you will not be disappointed. I remember the first time I held my burrito in my arms.

my ‘usual’.

A personal favorite is the pork burrito, you just can’t go wrong with pork . The burrito is filled with your choice of black beans, pinto beans, guacamole, cheese, cream, salsa and rice (please see above reference to small baby weight).

All in all, the best free thing I’ve had this year. Thank you Chilango ! Let’s make this a yearly thing?

5 years and counting.

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