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Last night a yoghurt saved my life

I’m not proud of blogging about food for the second time in one week, however I’ll just let this one simmer:

A picture I took of a salad (greek, no olives, light dusting of parmesan..) , got more ‘likes’ on facebook than my wedding photo.

There. Now I don’t feel so bad. And you want a salad.

To continue , a couple of nights ago we went to the Lahore Karahi curry house. I am not a great fan of the Lahore Karahi curry house, nor am I a great fan of curry itself. In fact I’m pretty sure had it not been for my company, I would never go here. Nonetheless it has become a regular haunt and I have convinced myself that I like it. Without fail, the following happens every time:

– We walk in, I order a ‘mango juice’.

Trusty Mango Juice

– We sit down. I know I’ll have the lamb korma but I look intently at the menu for 5 minutes or so.
My company orders the chilliest item on the menu (asking for extra chilli) .

– The meals arrive both more or less looking like this..

Yoghurt with some curry.

– I take the first bite and , to anyone who has been with me to the Lahore Karahi curry house, this is usually the point at which I compliment the food immensely.

” This is great”

”This is the best curry house in London”

” We always come here”

– By the second and third bite, I’m more sound effects than words. My company usually confuses this for pleasure or also doesn’t care at that point. I start sweating and hope it looks like a healthy glow. I ask for more yoghurt.

The key ingredient.

– The yoghurt quickly disappears but the worst is over. I glance over at everyone else and they are either finished or putting more hot sauce over the remaining food. I can’t feel my mouth anymore or taste the mango juice, but I just manage to lisp out

” We should come here more often ”

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