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Frankie Says Relax.

Good-evening bloggers! (and readers. I forget I have those too sometimes)

I was asked a strange question today. 

what is your favorite spa in London


The question is strange for two reasons..

1. ‘favorite’ implies I go to spa’s often and can therefore make a choice about the ones I like best. This is not so.

2. If I did go to spas often, I would (sadly for this person) not have a favorite. 

It’s not that there aren’t any good ones out there. I’m sure there are a lot of places that will place cucumbers over your eyes like so..



But here’s the thing (and this is as ever, personal opinion) … there is nothing more UN-relaxing to me than a place designed to make you feel relaxed.

Here is how spa days typically work in London and, I assume, in many other places:

– You enter. 

– You are greeted by an all smiling, ‘relaxed’ employee who offers to take your bag and coat (This is probably to de-stress the stress you feel from wearing your coat and carrying your bag). 

– You are shown to your changing room and given a bathrobe and slippers. Both fluffy.

– You are shown around the spa facilities and usually a gym which you will not use. 

– You are then left to your own devices for a day of relaxation. 

Suspicious Peruvian flute music wafts through the air (where are the speakers). You make your way to the room with all the fruit, nuts and herbal tea (when do I ever drink this). You take a seat on what is usually a very strangely shaped chair and try to relax. Oddly, it works.

And after 10 minutes I am relaxed, full of nuts, herbal tea and still confused about where the music comes from. But ready to go (run) home, refreshed . 

Do you find spa days as ‘relaxing’ as I do?



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Down by the sea.

Good-evening bloggers!

Autumn is upon us and nothing made me feel it more than being blown about in the wind in Brighton. Aside from that, seaside towns are not too shabby. Here is what you will definitely see..

Something colorful. You can buy these everywhere. I’m not entirely sure what they are or what purpose they serve.
The name, year and meaning of this statue escapes me. But looking at it from a certain angle really gives you the feeling he is running away from something..or running to something.
Dogs. These little furry friends are everywhere. I heard on the news some time ago that the Queen’s dog had died. I believe this is a conspiracy and he is in fact, walking the beaches of Brighton happier than ever.
Candy floss. Going to the beach and not having candy floss is like going to Starbucks and not buying a coffee. It will make your head hurt, your fingers sticky and your teeth rot. And you will love it.
Pretty lights. That is all.

Incidentally I should say the real reason we were there was to visit the Sealife Centre which did not disappoint but…

Readers, if you have ever been fortunate enough to be in the fishes’ environment rather than the other way around , nothing will ever compare. Nothing will compare to being in an ocean with an acute awareness that you are in their territory, not yours.

Although , this felt a lot safer and I could focus on the finer detail without fearing for my life.

The fine detail.
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The battle of the freebies

There is a war going on in my bathroom.

‘Neal’s Yard Nourishing Orange Flower Facial Polish’ entered the scene some time ago in July with its’ big name and interesting (ie. odd) smell. It surveyed its’ surroundings with confidence, knowing all my other products wouldn’t match up. I doubted it for some time. But I was wrong.

The scrub of your life.


The Pros – Using this facial polish is the closest thing you will get to a chemical peel. I have never had a chemical peel but imagine it feels like having your current face peeled off to reveal another face .. or something like that. Anyway, it works.

The Cons –  I can’t finish it. I’m trying. But it’s not disappearing. This is usually a Pro for a lot of people but I like finishing these kinds of things and moving onto the next!

Enter ‘Rituals Fujiyama Mandarin and Mint Foaming Shower Gel Sensation’. A sleek and smooth contender and a more recent freebie which, although not a scrub, does very well as an all over shower and facial gel.

Fuji what? Fujiyama!


The Pros – It smells great. It turns from a gel into a foam. Your bath time will be spent marveling at this.

The Cons – Once past the gel/foam miracle, it doesn’t actually do anything! Also because it foams I instinctively keep reaching for my shaver and have to keep reminding myself not to shave my face.

So who wins?

Yay for Neal’s Yard!

I’m not complaining about either freebie but I can safely say I will not be going to Rituals anytime soon (unless I want to wash my hands in their pretty sink. If any of you have been into their stores you will know what I mean). Neal’s Yard win hands down , but you knew this already 🙂

Both products will cost you more than a standard scrub you could get from your local store and so I would recommend these as a great gift or just something to treat yourself with.

Incidentally if you want to treat yourself to a Neal’s Yard product, I know a lady with a secret stash … @illuminate_us . You won’t be disappointed!



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Dredd: A review

What can I say readers … it wasn’t good.

I may be the wrong person to be reviewing this in the first place though. Never a real fan of the comics or the original movie, I went into this somewhat blind. I expected nothing and well, I wasn’t disappointed.

Judge Dredd starts the movie off by telling everyone that he is ‘the law’.

This is Judge Dredd’s permanent resting face.

We are shown the city Dredd lives in, known as Mega-city One. He informs us that everyone in Mega-City One now lives in ‘Mega-structures’ , the word ‘mega’ is used a lot.

It soon becomes clear that Mega-structures (a sci-fi word for ‘council housing’) are where happiness goes to die.
Long story short, Dredd goes in with a rookie ‘psychic’ police officer  to investigate a homicide in one of the Mega-structures . Yes, ‘psychic’ police officer.

They get trapped in the Mega-structure and have to shoot their way out of a difficult situation. They succeed.

And that’s it. That is all that happens.

I spent most of the movie irritated at the ‘psychic’ police officer and wondering how it is 2070 and ‘psychics’ have succeeded in making their way into law-enforcement.
What did you all think of it? Should I have watched the Stallone version?

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Finding your way back isn’t easy

I mean for my title to be taken literally.  I’m certain people have recovered from mental breakdowns quicker than  I made my way around the M25 today (If you are ‘not from around here’, the M25 is the devils’ highway).

When did we become so reliant on our phones to get us everywhere?

When did we stop using maps?

Do I have a map?

And why is the other main function of my phone to take pictures of food? …On that note,

Borough Market

This is the only market in the world where Londoners go to not buy their groceries. And those who do are the kind of people who give human-like qualities to their food and drink … ‘adventurous cheese’ , ‘vibrant tomatoes’ , ‘vivacious, full bodied wine’ …

Multiple personality tomatoes
Cheeky cherries
Saucy chillies

I couldn’t help but feel that any food I buy from here will sit in my kitchen, mocking me for surrounding it with lesser foods bought from the local supermarket.

”How dare you place me next to the £0.90 cheese, I demand to be upgraded to a better shelf! ”

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Tune in to Tunisia

Evening bloggers!

A change of scenery is never a bad thing and this week, I share with you some scenes from sunny Tunisia.

We started our holiday off in a rather questionable hotel where things like toilet paper, bed sheets and a pillow were a luxury. If you have ever seen the Fawlty Towers series, you will get the picture if I tell you that this whole place was run by Manuel. For a snippet of our hotel experience, I will probably be posting on Tripadvisor, not here 🙂

So, what we saw and experienced that week in no particular order:

The Medina’s

the different colours of Hammamet medina


Visiting the Sousse, Hammamet and Monastir medina’s, it soon became apparent that Tunisians are big fans of pottery, carpets, and knock-off Nike trainers. You will find everything from £500 rugs to £10 ”original fake” Nike shoes. I became the proud owner of 4 bowls, which I later found were as common as Big Ben fridge magnets are in London.

El Djem Colosseum

El Djem boasts the 3rd largest Colosseum in the world. Since this is the only Colosseum I have ever seen, it was the largest for me.

Colosseum here, Colosseum there, Colosseum everywhere.

The Colosseum also hosted some of the scenes for Monty Python’s Life of Brian and Gladiator. If you have not seen The Life of Brian, which is the best movie ever, you are probably the kind of person who has seen the Gladiator, which is the worst movie ever.


Packing yourself into a taxi in Tunisia is one of the best things you can do there. Taxi drivers combine finesse and suicidal tendencies to give you the ride of your life.

You get into the taxi with a clear purpose of where you’re going.

You get out of the taxi not really caring and feeling like you’ve starred in a Danny Boyle film. Your life has more meaning.

Ribat, Monastir

the Ribat

The Ribat, used many years ago to scan the seas for hostile ships, is currently being used as a film set. We did not know this at the time and proceeded to take photos of the props. It was a bit like being in the Tate Modern gallery and getting the art confused with the building, taking photos of wall sockets.

Tunisian Exits and Entries

a Tunisian door
a Tunisian window

Doors and windows are fussed over a lot in Tunisia. Really beautiful to look at.


So there we have it 🙂

If you’re thinking of visiting Tunisia in the near future or ever, my recommendations to you are the following:

– take a taxi, anywhere.

– visit Hammamet and its’ medina

– choose your hotels wisely, but not too wisely (I like a place with character 🙂 )