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Finding your way back isn’t easy

I mean for my title to be taken literally.  I’m certain people have recovered from mental breakdowns quicker than  I made my way around the M25 today (If you are ‘not from around here’, the M25 is the devils’ highway).

When did we become so reliant on our phones to get us everywhere?

When did we stop using maps?

Do I have a map?

And why is the other main function of my phone to take pictures of food? …On that note,

Borough Market

This is the only market in the world where Londoners go to not buy their groceries. And those who do are the kind of people who give human-like qualities to their food and drink … ‘adventurous cheese’ , ‘vibrant tomatoes’ , ‘vivacious, full bodied wine’ …

Multiple personality tomatoes
Cheeky cherries
Saucy chillies

I couldn’t help but feel that any food I buy from here will sit in my kitchen, mocking me for surrounding it with lesser foods bought from the local supermarket.

”How dare you place me next to the £0.90 cheese, I demand to be upgraded to a better shelf! ”

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