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Dredd: A review

What can I say readers … it wasn’t good.

I may be the wrong person to be reviewing this in the first place though. Never a real fan of the comics or the original movie, I went into this somewhat blind. I expected nothing and well, I wasn’t disappointed.

Judge Dredd starts the movie off by telling everyone that he is ‘the law’.

This is Judge Dredd’s permanent resting face.

We are shown the city Dredd lives in, known as Mega-city One. He informs us that everyone in Mega-City One now lives in ‘Mega-structures’ , the word ‘mega’ is used a lot.

It soon becomes clear that Mega-structures (a sci-fi word for ‘council housing’) are where happiness goes to die.
Long story short, Dredd goes in with a rookie ‘psychic’ police officer  to investigate a homicide in one of the Mega-structures . Yes, ‘psychic’ police officer.

They get trapped in the Mega-structure and have to shoot their way out of a difficult situation. They succeed.

And that’s it. That is all that happens.

I spent most of the movie irritated at the ‘psychic’ police officer and wondering how it is 2070 and ‘psychics’ have succeeded in making their way into law-enforcement.
What did you all think of it? Should I have watched the Stallone version?

2 thoughts on “Dredd: A review

  1. It sounds like this one was doomed from the start for you, which is completely understandable if you’re not as into straight up action flicks. I actually really enjoyed this movie for what I expected it to be, but the key phrase is “expected it to be” there. Judge Dredd was never exactly a highly complex character from my memory and because of that a lot of people have faulted the movie for the shallowness of his character. I could argue both ways for that, but I did actually enjoy watching Olivia Thirlby’s character even more than Dredd himself. Just curious, have you heard of/seen The Raid? Very similar premise and but more of a martial arts oriented angle than Dredd was.

    Just curious, what are your usual preferred types of movies?

    In any case feel free to check out my review if you’re interested and happy blogging 🙂

    1. I’ve checked it out and left a comment there 🙂 But in answer to your questions, I haven’t seen the Raid … but I’m googling it now . I don’t really have a preferred type of movie. Recently favorites have been the Avengers, Thor, the Watchmen, all the way to possibly more unknown movies, Archipelago, The Concert, Melancholia (for the visuals more than movie itself!) . 🙂

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