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The battle of the freebies

There is a war going on in my bathroom.

‘Neal’s Yard Nourishing Orange Flower Facial Polish’ entered the scene some time ago in July with its’ big name and interesting (ie. odd) smell. It surveyed its’ surroundings with confidence, knowing all my other products wouldn’t match up. I doubted it for some time. But I was wrong.

The scrub of your life.


The Pros – Using this facial polish is the closest thing you will get to a chemical peel. I have never had a chemical peel but imagine it feels like having your current face peeled off to reveal another face .. or something like that. Anyway, it works.

The Cons –  I can’t finish it. I’m trying. But it’s not disappearing. This is usually a Pro for a lot of people but I like finishing these kinds of things and moving onto the next!

Enter ‘Rituals Fujiyama Mandarin and Mint Foaming Shower Gel Sensation’. A sleek and smooth contender and a more recent freebie which, although not a scrub, does very well as an all over shower and facial gel.

Fuji what? Fujiyama!


The Pros – It smells great. It turns from a gel into a foam. Your bath time will be spent marveling at this.

The Cons – Once past the gel/foam miracle, it doesn’t actually do anything! Also because it foams I instinctively keep reaching for my shaver and have to keep reminding myself not to shave my face.

So who wins?

Yay for Neal’s Yard!

I’m not complaining about either freebie but I can safely say I will not be going to Rituals anytime soon (unless I want to wash my hands in their pretty sink. If any of you have been into their stores you will know what I mean). Neal’s Yard win hands down , but you knew this already 🙂

Both products will cost you more than a standard scrub you could get from your local store and so I would recommend these as a great gift or just something to treat yourself with.

Incidentally if you want to treat yourself to a Neal’s Yard product, I know a lady with a secret stash … @illuminate_us . You won’t be disappointed!



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