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Down by the sea.

Good-evening bloggers!

Autumn is upon us and nothing made me feel it more than being blown about in the wind in Brighton. Aside from that, seaside towns are not too shabby. Here is what you will definitely see..

Something colorful. You can buy these everywhere. I’m not entirely sure what they are or what purpose they serve.
The name, year and meaning of this statue escapes me. But looking at it from a certain angle really gives you the feeling he is running away from something..or running to something.
Dogs. These little furry friends are everywhere. I heard on the news some time ago that the Queen’s dog had died. I believe this is a conspiracy and he is in fact, walking the beaches of Brighton happier than ever.
Candy floss. Going to the beach and not having candy floss is like going to Starbucks and not buying a coffee. It will make your head hurt, your fingers sticky and your teeth rot. And you will love it.
Pretty lights. That is all.

Incidentally I should say the real reason we were there was to visit the Sealife Centre which did not disappoint but…

Readers, if you have ever been fortunate enough to be in the fishes’ environment rather than the other way around , nothing will ever compare. Nothing will compare to being in an ocean with an acute awareness that you are in their territory, not yours.

Although , this felt a lot safer and I could focus on the finer detail without fearing for my life.

The fine detail.

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