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Frankie Says Relax.

Good-evening bloggers! (and readers. I forget I have those too sometimes)

I was asked a strange question today. 

what is your favorite spa in London


The question is strange for two reasons..

1. ‘favorite’ implies I go to spa’s often and can therefore make a choice about the ones I like best. This is not so.

2. If I did go to spas often, I would (sadly for this person) not have a favorite. 

It’s not that there aren’t any good ones out there. I’m sure there are a lot of places that will place cucumbers over your eyes like so..



But here’s the thing (and this is as ever, personal opinion) … there is nothing more UN-relaxing to me than a place designed to make you feel relaxed.

Here is how spa days typically work in London and, I assume, in many other places:

– You enter. 

– You are greeted by an all smiling, ‘relaxed’ employee who offers to take your bag and coat (This is probably to de-stress the stress you feel from wearing your coat and carrying your bag). 

– You are shown to your changing room and given a bathrobe and slippers. Both fluffy.

– You are shown around the spa facilities and usually a gym which you will not use. 

– You are then left to your own devices for a day of relaxation. 

Suspicious Peruvian flute music wafts through the air (where are the speakers). You make your way to the room with all the fruit, nuts and herbal tea (when do I ever drink this). You take a seat on what is usually a very strangely shaped chair and try to relax. Oddly, it works.

And after 10 minutes I am relaxed, full of nuts, herbal tea and still confused about where the music comes from. But ready to go (run) home, refreshed . 

Do you find spa days as ‘relaxing’ as I do?



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