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Dance when no one is watching.


If you have found your life partner, do not be fooled into thinking they are also your dance partner.

There are some things better done with a partner, and others done alone in a dark room with all the lights out with no one watching . Salsa dancing might be one of the latter for me.

We turned up at our first local Salsa class bright eyed and eager to learn. I was convinced that after 90 minutes we would look like this:

The way we looked , in my mind.

Well , we didn’t quite look like that.

Our beginners group was formed of about 14 equally talentless people. We started our warm up routine awkwardly shuffling back and forth, eventually fading into the background while the more experienced dancers stepped to the front.

Here’s a handy tip for any of you thinking of taking a class together;

they make you swap partners

If you think you’re safe from being groped by a stranger, you’re not. As a consolation, you are partnered with someone who also has no clue what they are doing and will pretend to be impressed with everything you do.

After about 60 minutes of doing the same footwork repeatedly, we were not any closer to looking like that photo up there. Ironically our partner swapping (really can’t think of a different term) , made me appreciate that I really have found my partner for life (minus dancing skills). And we did meet some weird and wonderful people: –

– A man who had just moved his entire family from Lithuania to England. It was their first night in London.

– A lady who was on her first blind date.

– A martial artist

– An 80 year old gentleman whose footwork put the teacher to shame but who liked the pace of the beginners class.

Is Salsa dancing for me? Yes (in my lounge)… (or after something to drink)… (or with someone equally bad).

Give it a try and see if it’s for you!

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Weekly writing challenge: Children and other animals.

Good-evening bloggers,

Today’s DPChallenge is all about my least favourite topic : Children (they don’t call it ‘challenge’ for nothing)

The challenge question:

How do you feel about children in adult-oriented places?

I chose to answer the poll (begrudgingly) with the first option. 

Part of why I go to a nice restaurant is for the ambiance and to spend time with other adults. Get a baby-sitter.

I say begrudgingly because it’s a fancy word, but also because nothing really sits right with the question or the answer.

Let’s consider ‘adult oriented’ places for a second. If they are adult oriented, why are your children there? Don’t tell me you want them to experience life because trust me, they will not be scarred for life if they don’t see the Damien Hirst exhibition at the Tate Gallery.

The other problem with adult-oriented places is, most adults act like idiots. If you’re worried about taking your child to a museum, take a look around you. Worry no longer and look closely, there are more adults out there screaming and crying than you think.

The answer?   ” Get a baby-sitter” . Considering the cost of a baby-sitter, this seems a little unfair to ask of parents. If you want to go somewhere to eat in peace without having  meatballs or peas thrown in your face, it still seems a high price to pay.

The second poll option is this:

Kids are people too. They should be welcome where an adult is welcome

”Kids are people too”. No, they are not people, they’re kids. But that’s not their role! If they aren’t allowed to push the buttons then they will never learn (unfortunately it has to be this way).

It’s up to the parents’ judgement to decide where to take them. If you have a raging psychopath for a child well, my guess is you’re no fun in adult oriented places either.

This is my first DPChallenge so interested to hear your thoughts? (on the subject matter!)

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The one where we skipped Autumn

I’ve been looking forward to blogging about the Autumn season for as long as this blog has been going.

I planned my trip into the city with military precision. I kept my eye on a particular tree at the end of our street. I told myself that when that tree started showing any signs of an autumn coat, I would make my way in to town and see more trees… It’s a lot more exciting than it sounds had to be there.

My plan didn’t go so well.

The tree at the end of our street was not a good Autumn indicator. It was an imposter.

Here’s ‘Autumn’ :

Not so fashionably late trees.


Those dry leaves at the bottom of above tree? Also imposters.

It took us some time to find any signs  of orange and red but, with a heavy amount of photo editing, we made it look like Autumn soon enough.


A patch of the right season.
Red leaves giving it a try.
Red leaves succeeding.

And so in London, we’re still waiting for Autumn to truly arrive. Until then, have a great week everyone.





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Taken … Again.

Someone, somewhere out there, decided that it would be a good idea to make 60 year old Liam Neeson our generations’ action hero.This happened so gradually that I actually started to believe he was quite good.

Then I watched Taken 2 and realized that no; a 60 year old man should not be running on rooftops in Istanbul, killing Albanians, and wearing leather. Like so..

Liam Neeson multi-tasking

Make no mistake, Taken 2 is exactly the same as Taken 1.

Neeson and his on-screen wife are the kidnapees (new word- you heard it here first) and his already psychologically damaged daughter is left to save the day.

The phrase ”You’re going to be taken” is the new ”We’re gonna need a bigger boat” in this movie. It’s catchy and reminds you of the movie you are watching.

Also, this guy is in it:

The bad guy. Again.

No surprise there with the choice of villain and I have to say, it’s always a good choice with this man. Rade Serbedzija can make ordering a cheesecake look dangerous. One of the few highlights of this otherwise vanilla action movie.



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Cutting it fine

I remain a firm believer in getting a haircut to cure a bad day, or bad week, or bad anything.

Obviously there are limitations to this approach. I would not, for example, walk out of a meeting that wasn’t going my way to get a haircut.

Also (and this is important) :  the haircut needs to be good. Having a bad day followed by a bad haircut is the recipe for suicide. Picking a good hair salon in London is a bit like playing Minesweeper. I have never won at Minesweeper, and I have had a lot of bad haircuts.

Key thing I’ve learnt? Don’t judge a book by its’ cover. Some of the most expensive hair salons will sit you down in a (hard) chair and tell you that you need a lot of work. They will say this in a way which makes you feel like you need a lot of work on the inside. 

Others will make your bad day good. They may be a chain, they may be cheap, but they get the job done. Don’t be alarmed if your hair is cut by a man who has one half of his head shaved and the other dyed blue. You’ll be fine.

Good one’s I’ve found:

Supercuts (the Bond Street branch, London)

Mr Toppers (the Camden High Street branch, London)

What are some of your favorites?


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Horror of Horrors

Good-evening 🙂

It’s October! But you already knew that.. And if you didn’t, you are either care-free or you have a condition..

Two unrelated reasons that make October great.

1. The leaves ( but I’ll talk about that later..)

2. The horror

Yes. October is the month I can subject the person I live with to as many horror movies as they (and I) can stand.

– House on Haunted Hill while I eat my cereal.

– Poltergeist with a cup of tea.

– Paranormal Activity as I fold away the washing.

– The Exorcist whilst chopping vegetables.

I am in fact completely in denial about my love of horror. The movies I used to laugh at as a teenager now genuinely scare me. Quite bothered by this fact, I try to watch every horror movie I can get my hands on to prove that Yes, I can do this. 

So I do it whilst cooking, cleaning, reading, listening to music, and anything else I can distract myself with. Like writing this blog for example…