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Horror of Horrors

Good-evening 🙂

It’s October! But you already knew that.. And if you didn’t, you are either care-free or you have a condition..

Two unrelated reasons that make October great.

1. The leaves ( but I’ll talk about that later..)

2. The horror

Yes. October is the month I can subject the person I live with to as many horror movies as they (and I) can stand.

– House on Haunted Hill while I eat my cereal.

– Poltergeist with a cup of tea.

– Paranormal Activity as I fold away the washing.

– The Exorcist whilst chopping vegetables.

I am in fact completely in denial about my love of horror. The movies I used to laugh at as a teenager now genuinely scare me. Quite bothered by this fact, I try to watch every horror movie I can get my hands on to prove that Yes, I can do this. 

So I do it whilst cooking, cleaning, reading, listening to music, and anything else I can distract myself with. Like writing this blog for example…

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