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Cutting it fine

I remain a firm believer in getting a haircut to cure a bad day, or bad week, or bad anything.

Obviously there are limitations to this approach. I would not, for example, walk out of a meeting that wasn’t going my way to get a haircut.

Also (and this is important) :  the haircut needs to be good. Having a bad day followed by a bad haircut is the recipe for suicide. Picking a good hair salon in London is a bit like playing Minesweeper. I have never won at Minesweeper, and I have had a lot of bad haircuts.

Key thing I’ve learnt? Don’t judge a book by its’ cover. Some of the most expensive hair salons will sit you down in a (hard) chair and tell you that you need a lot of work. They will say this in a way which makes you feel like you need a lot of work on the inside. 

Others will make your bad day good. They may be a chain, they may be cheap, but they get the job done. Don’t be alarmed if your hair is cut by a man who has one half of his head shaved and the other dyed blue. You’ll be fine.

Good one’s I’ve found:

Supercuts (the Bond Street branch, London)

Mr Toppers (the Camden High Street branch, London)

What are some of your favorites?


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