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The one where we skipped Autumn

I’ve been looking forward to blogging about the Autumn season for as long as this blog has been going.

I planned my trip into the city with military precision. I kept my eye on a particular tree at the end of our street. I told myself that when that tree started showing any signs of an autumn coat, I would make my way in to town and see more trees… It’s a lot more exciting than it sounds had to be there.

My plan didn’t go so well.

The tree at the end of our street was not a good Autumn indicator. It was an imposter.

Here’s ‘Autumn’ :

Not so fashionably late trees.


Those dry leaves at the bottom of above tree? Also imposters.

It took us some time to find any signs  of orange and red but, with a heavy amount of photo editing, we made it look like Autumn soon enough.


A patch of the right season.
Red leaves giving it a try.
Red leaves succeeding.

And so in London, we’re still waiting for Autumn to truly arrive. Until then, have a great week everyone.





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