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Weekly writing challenge: Children and other animals.

Good-evening bloggers,

Today’s DPChallenge is all about my least favourite topic : Children (they don’t call it ‘challenge’ for nothing)

The challenge question:

How do you feel about children in adult-oriented places?

I chose to answer the poll (begrudgingly) with the first option. 

Part of why I go to a nice restaurant is for the ambiance and to spend time with other adults. Get a baby-sitter.

I say begrudgingly because it’s a fancy word, but also because nothing really sits right with the question or the answer.

Let’s consider ‘adult oriented’ places for a second. If they are adult oriented, why are your children there? Don’t tell me you want them to experience life because trust me, they will not be scarred for life if they don’t see the Damien Hirst exhibition at the Tate Gallery.

The other problem with adult-oriented places is, most adults act like idiots. If you’re worried about taking your child to a museum, take a look around you. Worry no longer and look closely, there are more adults out there screaming and crying than you think.

The answer?   ” Get a baby-sitter” . Considering the cost of a baby-sitter, this seems a little unfair to ask of parents. If you want to go somewhere to eat in peace without having  meatballs or peas thrown in your face, it still seems a high price to pay.

The second poll option is this:

Kids are people too. They should be welcome where an adult is welcome

”Kids are people too”. No, they are not people, they’re kids. But that’s not their role! If they aren’t allowed to push the buttons then they will never learn (unfortunately it has to be this way).

It’s up to the parents’ judgement to decide where to take them. If you have a raging psychopath for a child well, my guess is you’re no fun in adult oriented places either.

This is my first DPChallenge so interested to hear your thoughts? (on the subject matter!)

3 thoughts on “Weekly writing challenge: Children and other animals.

  1. The question is artificial. Things don’t work that way. It’s not that children have no place in just for adults places – the adults who have kids don’t go to just for adults places. It’s that simple.

  2. I agree thAt the question is artificial… A baby sitter doesn’t need to cost the couple any money, if it’s a friend, a relative, a neighboring teenager… There are alternatives to the madness of disrespecting the adults’ right, as well as the kids’ rights… It’s necessary to respect each other… Older siblings can baby sit younger ones… We all did that, as teenagers.. At least, I did! (smiles!) it’s a very difficult question to answer, and we, as parents, know about that! Thanks for taking the time to come by ouu blog and check it out! Much appreciated! Good luck to us all! Greetings from La Paz, Bolivia!

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