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Dance when no one is watching.


If you have found your life partner, do not be fooled into thinking they are also your dance partner.

There are some things better done with a partner, and others done alone in a dark room with all the lights out with no one watching . Salsa dancing might be one of the latter for me.

We turned up at our first local Salsa class bright eyed and eager to learn. I was convinced that after 90 minutes we would look like this:

The way we looked , in my mind.

Well , we didn’t quite look like that.

Our beginners group was formed of about 14 equally talentless people. We started our warm up routine awkwardly shuffling back and forth, eventually fading into the background while the more experienced dancers stepped to the front.

Here’s a handy tip for any of you thinking of taking a class together;

they make you swap partners

If you think you’re safe from being groped by a stranger, you’re not. As a consolation, you are partnered with someone who also has no clue what they are doing and will pretend to be impressed with everything you do.

After about 60 minutes of doing the same footwork repeatedly, we were not any closer to looking like that photo up there. Ironically our partner swapping (really can’t think of a different term) , made me appreciate that I really have found my partner for life (minus dancing skills). And we did meet some weird and wonderful people: –

– A man who had just moved his entire family from Lithuania to England. It was their first night in London.

– A lady who was on her first blind date.

– A martial artist

– An 80 year old gentleman whose footwork put the teacher to shame but who liked the pace of the beginners class.

Is Salsa dancing for me? Yes (in my lounge)… (or after something to drink)… (or with someone equally bad).

Give it a try and see if it’s for you!

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