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Ice Skating and where to watch people do it

Everyone has a morning routine. Mine is:

– no talking

– coffee

Unfortunately there are those with a different morning routine to the above. I met one such person today who was ordering an orange juice (from Starbucks) and talking¬†to the barrista about not-coffee. Confused , I listened to their conversation closely…hoping to make them feel awkward enough to stop so that I could get my order in (tall, skinny, de-caf latte).

It didn’t work.

So I listened to a conversation about ice-rinks in London and where to find them. I’ve only ever ice-skated once and almost immediately knew it was not for me.

Watching people ice-skate however, fits me perfectly. And I don’t mean the professionals. I mean those who also don’t know how to ice-skate, but keep persevering. Those are the ones to watch; legs twisting, arms flailing, fingers gripping…

Here are the best places to see this:

The Natural History Museum

Tower of London

Canary Wharf

Somerset House

Hopefully this will have helped make somebody’s coffee order go quicker.

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Busy living



Hello !

I’ve missed you. You haven’t missed me. I know this because I don’t have any views on here. It’s ok. (but I am judging you).

In no particular order I’ve been busy with :

– sumo wrestling (much more enjoyable than it sounds)

– collecting participants for my research (I’m quite impressed with just how badly this bit is going)

– worrying about Christmas (I’m not actually doing anything about this . I’m just worrying)

– bath tub racing (If you don’t have this on your bucket list of things to do before you die, put it on there)

– writing my thesis (which I wish was about bath tub racing. I would have more to say on bath tub racing at this stage).

I miss writing and have decided that a possible new years resolution is to get something for myself which will allow me to write wherever I am (Technology advancing means that none of you instinctively thought of pen and paper anymore right?..Right?)

Until next time, I’m getting busy with one of the above ūüôā


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The Fan: How it’s made

Good-evening people!

Yesterday was a pretty good day indeed. I won’t bore you all with the detail but one thing led to another and we found ourselves with tickets to see Roger Waters’ The Wall in 2013. If you’re not too familiar with that name, you might be more familiar with Pink Floyd . And, ¬†if you’re not familiar with Pink Floyd, I feel very sorry for you but also attach some visual imagery below because you strike me as the kind of person who likes pictures…

Visual Image Number 1.
Visual Image Number 2.

So that was yesterday.

Today , I shared my elation with several work colleagues because frankly my news really was the most interesting thing happening. I expected polite nodding and approval, which I received, but I also got the ”You weren’t even born” speech.

This speech is often used by people who feel your age is somehow linked to your appreciation (or non) for a particular music genre.

Now…what should happen here is that I retort with saying my music appreciation has nothing to do with my age (or something to that effect). ¬†But this is what really happens:

– I panic

– I start rambling off arbitrary facts and figures about Pink Floyd, some of which are completely wrong naturally because I merely appreciate his music and am not a musical historian.

– ¬†(It gets worse) Feeling that this is not enough, I broaden my rambling to the 1960’s, 70’s and 80’s musical eras in general.¬†

– I end with naming my¬†favorite¬†bands from the 1960’s, 70’s and 80’s, which is the lowest point of the conversation. Partly because it is a lie (I have no favorites, there are too many) , and also in part because this has nothing to do with anything, ever.



We left it at that.

Hours later I found my words. While I was not there in body through the above decades (two of them anyway), I was lucky enough to be born ready with it. It was all around me, all of the time.

I shouldn’t feel like a guilty or inadequate fan because I didn’t personally mop Roger Waters’ sweaty brow backstage in the 80’s. Should I ?

You tell me ūüôā




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Christmas and the Zombie Apocalypse

Ahhh Christmas.

It’s never too early to post about Christmas.

‘But it’s November’ , you say.

Well, that’s what I said in August when I saw my first Christmas advert telling me where I can buy the cheapest wrapping paper. So think again. November isn’t so bad. Christmas is coming.

I do enjoy Christmas. It’s nice…

But be warned. One bite of an early warning Christmas sign, and you will spend your next weeks leading up to Christmas in agony, slowly turning into your own version of a Christmas-Zombie.

Here are some early warning Christmas signs to keep a look out for:

– Cinnamon . Everywhere.

– Starbucks Christmas cups.

– Unusual train timetables (this is a difficult one to spot and very unpredictable).

– Christmas songs. Everywhere.
If you suspect you have been hit with an early warning Christmas sign, some key symptoms are:

– Humming a Christmas carol in elevators or tight spaces.

– You start wearing red.

– Craving cinnamon-y tastes.

– Using the word ‘festive’ a lot.

Be careful out there