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Christmas and the Zombie Apocalypse

Ahhh Christmas.

It’s never too early to post about Christmas.

‘But it’s November’ , you say.

Well, that’s what I said in August when I saw my first Christmas advert telling me where I can buy the cheapest wrapping paper. So think again. November isn’t so bad. Christmas is coming.

I do enjoy Christmas. It’s nice…

But be warned. One bite of an early warning Christmas sign, and you will spend your next weeks leading up to Christmas in agony, slowly turning into your own version of a Christmas-Zombie.

Here are some early warning Christmas signs to keep a look out for:

– Cinnamon . Everywhere.

– Starbucks Christmas cups.

– Unusual train timetables (this is a difficult one to spot and very unpredictable).

– Christmas songs. Everywhere.
If you suspect you have been hit with an early warning Christmas sign, some key symptoms are:

– Humming a Christmas carol in elevators or tight spaces.

– You start wearing red.

– Craving cinnamon-y tastes.

– Using the word ‘festive’ a lot.

Be careful out there

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