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The Fan: How it’s made

Good-evening people!

Yesterday was a pretty good day indeed. I won’t bore you all with the detail but one thing led to another and we found ourselves with tickets to see Roger Waters’ The Wall in 2013. If you’re not too familiar with that name, you might be more familiar with Pink Floyd . And,  if you’re not familiar with Pink Floyd, I feel very sorry for you but also attach some visual imagery below because you strike me as the kind of person who likes pictures…

Visual Image Number 1.
Visual Image Number 2.

So that was yesterday.

Today , I shared my elation with several work colleagues because frankly my news really was the most interesting thing happening. I expected polite nodding and approval, which I received, but I also got the ”You weren’t even born” speech.

This speech is often used by people who feel your age is somehow linked to your appreciation (or non) for a particular music genre.

Now…what should happen here is that I retort with saying my music appreciation has nothing to do with my age (or something to that effect).  But this is what really happens:

– I panic

– I start rambling off arbitrary facts and figures about Pink Floyd, some of which are completely wrong naturally because I merely appreciate his music and am not a musical historian.

–  (It gets worse) Feeling that this is not enough, I broaden my rambling to the 1960’s, 70’s and 80’s musical eras in general. 

– I end with naming my favorite bands from the 1960’s, 70’s and 80’s, which is the lowest point of the conversation. Partly because it is a lie (I have no favorites, there are too many) , and also in part because this has nothing to do with anything, ever.



We left it at that.

Hours later I found my words. While I was not there in body through the above decades (two of them anyway), I was lucky enough to be born ready with it. It was all around me, all of the time.

I shouldn’t feel like a guilty or inadequate fan because I didn’t personally mop Roger Waters’ sweaty brow backstage in the 80’s. Should I ?

You tell me 🙂




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