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Busy living



Hello !

I’ve missed you. You haven’t missed me. I know this because I don’t have any views on here. It’s ok. (but I am judging you).

In no particular order I’ve been busy with :

– sumo wrestling (much more enjoyable than it sounds)

– collecting participants for my research (I’m quite impressed with just how badly this bit is going)

– worrying about Christmas (I’m not actually doing anything about this . I’m just worrying)

– bath tub racing (If you don’t have this on your bucket list of things to do before you die, put it on there)

– writing my thesis (which I wish was about bath tub racing. I would have more to say on bath tub racing at this stage).

I miss writing and have decided that a possible new years resolution is to get something for myself which will allow me to write wherever I am (Technology advancing means that none of you instinctively thought of pen and paper anymore right?..Right?)

Until next time, I’m getting busy with one of the above 🙂


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