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Ice Skating and where to watch people do it

Everyone has a morning routine. Mine is:

– no talking

– coffee

Unfortunately there are those with a different morning routine to the above. I met one such person today who was ordering an orange juice (from Starbucks) and talking to the barrista about not-coffee. Confused , I listened to their conversation closely…hoping to make them feel awkward enough to stop so that I could get my order in (tall, skinny, de-caf latte).

It didn’t work.

So I listened to a conversation about ice-rinks in London and where to find them. I’ve only ever ice-skated once and almost immediately knew it was not for me.

Watching people ice-skate however, fits me perfectly. And I don’t mean the professionals. I mean those who also don’t know how to ice-skate, but keep persevering. Those are the ones to watch; legs twisting, arms flailing, fingers gripping…

Here are the best places to see this:

The Natural History Museum

Tower of London

Canary Wharf

Somerset House

Hopefully this will have helped make somebody’s coffee order go quicker.

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