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Seeking a Friend for the End of the World

Hello friends,

So it appears review-me-vee hasn’t been reviewing a great many things lately. I tried to correct this by watching Seeking a Friend for the End of the World. Yes, yes, it’s all very 12-12-12 appropriate today but I honestly thought it would be good. I wanted to like it , I really did.


The premise of the movie is simple; asteroid Matilda is set to hit earth in 21 days. What do you do with the time left?

What I expected to ensue next is a Wes Anderson type movie. I wanted the characters to do things they had never done before; travel the world, build something, meet interesting and quirky people, take drugs, anything..

What actually happened was quite dull.

Dodge (Steve Carrell) carries on going to work for a couple of days (which was quite interesting), before deciding to go in search of ‘the one that got away’ with Penny (Keira Knightley), the token interesting and quirky person of the movie. Eventually and rather predictably, Dodge realises Penny was good enough to die with, ends his search for the one that got away , and it ends there (honestly).

It’s not all bad. It is a very different take on your classic ‘disaster movie’ and is probably the more realistic version.

Explosions and tsunamis are replaced with less dramatic yard sales and radio stations playing a count down to the end of days.You realise that if the end was to come, you probably wouldn’t be able to go to that desert island you always dreamed of (flights are cancelled and everyone has the same idea).

Your only option is to stay right where you are with the people you know. But then, isn’t that the best way to go ?

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