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Snow and some time out

Hello friends,

You’ve no doubt heard, it’s snowed in London. My social networks have been transformed into the weather channel for the last couple of days and even I found myself posting the obligatory photo of myself…in snow… holding a fast melting snowball.

This is it. It’s snowing. It’s glorious.




The arrival of snow also means everyone stops functioning here. The amount of snow that has fallen in my 8 years here, has never reached above my ankles. Ever.

It’s an embarrassment.

And you will probably hear a lot about train delays, flight cancellations, etc. But these things often have a very clear reason for functioning  (or not functioning in this case). And I also admit that initially, I was one of those people;

How can it be delayed for 1 HOUR and 40 MINUTES!?

How can a snow-flake stop a train!?

I would stand on the train platform, staring angrily at anyone who passes me and occasionally muttering ,”Urgh” or ”Unbelievable” to show my anger.

But more recently I have come to realise that it is in-fact we who are ill-prepared to deal with their ill-preparedness. Snow may happen too infrequently for us to have any energy to come up with a coping mechanism in the first place. But all the same, it makes for some very interesting people-watching. I have seen near mental breakdowns over a two-minute train delay, all before 8am and the first cup of coffee.

So I’m taking some time-out.

I shouldn’t have said that so close after the words ‘mental breakdown’ but I assure you it’s all good. I will be back in a couple of weeks, thesis free !

Until then, enjoy the snow 🙂


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The Perks of Being a Wallflower? – None

I gave The Perks of being a Wallflower a try. I have never been so irritated by a movie.

I was hoping to say that at least the odd angst-y teenager might be able to appreciate this film, but I can’t even say that with any confidence.

Charlie is a sensitive, awkward, lonely ‘wallflower’ of a boy who starts his first year of high school. Bloggers , meet Charlie –


He teams up with two senior kids Patrick and Sam (Sam is a girl), who show Charlie how to live a little. Loneliness is meant to be an underlying theme in the movie with each of the characters struggling with their own ‘issues’ of either childhood abuse or … well, that’s about it. (Honestly, how many more issues can you have at 15 apart from acne).

And readers,  it’s not that I’ve forgotten what it was like to be a teenager and all that comes with it. I haven’t . I remember.  I could have appreciated this movie just as much as the next 13 year old. But that’s not the point here. The point is .. had I seen this movie as a teenager, I would have hated it just as much.

I kept having to remind myself what year the movie is set in (1991) as Sam (Emma Watson) claims her favourite bands are The Smiths (amongst others) , but then doesn’t recognise David Bowies’ Heroes on the radio.

”Who is this?? Turn it up!! What a great song!! ”

And really.. The Smiths? I’m tired of movies using The Smiths as shorthand to representing a ‘deep’ and ‘sensitive’ character who say’s things like :

”We are infinite!”

''unique'' teenagers.
”unique” teenagers.

Possibly the only positive is Ezra Miller as Patrick,but I feel like I’m only saying this because I feel sorry for him and find him the most attractive.

Please give this movie a try though. Be irritated with me.





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A Sinister Review

This one is worth watching.

I’m extremely picky with my horror movies. I try to watch them all but only a select few really stand out and only a select few can be tolerated by my slightly delicate husband (Seriously . Jaws? – scarred for life) , so I do what I can.

Confused Ethan Hawke
Confused Ethan Hawke

Sinister tells the story of crime-writer Ellison Oswalt (Ethan Hawke) who moves in to a home with his family to investigate murders which took place there not so long ago. The story-line is nothing to write home about and let’s be honest, no-one watches a horror for a deeply moving story-line anymore. Over the years we’ve had so many movies about the paranormal that I wasn’t expecting anything original in this respect. So why watch it?

Kids - horrifying..
Kids – horrifying..


Scott Derrickson (director) has a way of burning imagery into your mind. The movie ‘had me at hello’ as it were. It cuts straight to the chase from the very first shot and let’s you know it is not playing around. The movie does have the odd cliche jump scares but for the most part, the use of camera angles and lighting is really quite something and you don’t quite realise how horrifying it is until a couple of hours later… in bed…with the lights out.



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The power of saying Yes

Good-day all,
I’ve been off the grid for a little while , all with good reason ( i hope ), and am wishing you all a very belated happy new year!
A snippet of where I was.
A snippet of where I was.
With that in mind, I was thinking about new years resolutions and what they could mean.
I’m not one for setting new years resolutions and infact am more interested in watching the results the year after; the failures, the successes. Let’s be honest, we all wait in anticipation for that girl who said she would ‘get fit’ to lose her 200 pounds and ultimately fail in doing so. The failures are more fun to watch, you know it.
But that’s not today’s story.
Last year my special someone decided to say Yes to everything. That was his new years resolution, plain and simple. We thought nothing of it for the rest of the year and it really was a resolution I believed was said and forgotten on 1st January 2012.
One year later; we have travelled more than we ever did, met new friends, changed roles in our job or changed jobs altogether, and possibly put on some weight (*note to selves – saying Yes to everything has it’s consequences).
So, it could all be a coincidence. But I really want to believe it isn’t. Most of us would have at one point or another come across annoying inspirational quotes such as
”You have to be the change in your life ”
or at the very least, movies like ”Yes Man”. ( I’m sure there are more poignant examples of the power of positive thinking but a Jim Carrey movie was all I had right there).
Last week I was privileged enough to witness my two closest friends putting the power of yes into full force at their wedding. Bringing together family and friends from across the globe, some of whom had not seen each other in over 20 years.
The event may not have been the same had all those people not said (and I’m paraphrasing) ,”Fuck it, let’s do this.”
And so if your new years resolution is anything at all; you don’t have to say Yes to everything, but I’m urging you not to say No so easily.