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A Sinister Review

This one is worth watching.

I’m extremely picky with my horror movies. I try to watch them all but only a select few really stand out and only a select few can be tolerated by my slightly delicate husband (Seriously . Jaws? – scarred for life) , so I do what I can.

Confused Ethan Hawke
Confused Ethan Hawke

Sinister tells the story of crime-writer Ellison Oswalt (Ethan Hawke) who moves in to a home with his family to investigate murders which took place there not so long ago. The story-line is nothing to write home about and let’s be honest, no-one watches a horror for a deeply moving story-line anymore. Over the years we’ve had so many movies about the paranormal that I wasn’t expecting anything original in this respect. So why watch it?

Kids - horrifying..
Kids – horrifying..


Scott Derrickson (director) has a way of burning imagery into your mind. The movie ‘had me at hello’ as it were. It cuts straight to the chase from the very first shot and let’s you know it is not playing around. The movie does have the odd cliche jump scares but for the most part, the use of camera angles and lighting is really quite something and you don’t quite realise how horrifying it is until a couple of hours later… in bed…with the lights out.



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