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Snow and some time out

Hello friends,

You’ve no doubt heard, it’s snowed in London. My social networks have been transformed into the weather channel for the last couple of days and even I found myself posting the obligatory photo of myself…in snow… holding a fast melting snowball.

This is it. It’s snowing. It’s glorious.




The arrival of snow also means everyone stops functioning here. The amount of snow that has fallen in my 8 years here, has never reached above my ankles. Ever.

It’s an embarrassment.

And you will probably hear a lot about train delays, flight cancellations, etc. But these things often have a very clear reason for functioning  (or not functioning in this case). And I also admit that initially, I was one of those people;

How can it be delayed for 1 HOUR and 40 MINUTES!?

How can a snow-flake stop a train!?

I would stand on the train platform, staring angrily at anyone who passes me and occasionally muttering ,”Urgh” or ”Unbelievable” to show my anger.

But more recently I have come to realise that it is in-fact we who are ill-prepared to deal with their ill-preparedness. Snow may happen too infrequently for us to have any energy to come up with a coping mechanism in the first place. But all the same, it makes for some very interesting people-watching. I have seen near mental breakdowns over a two-minute train delay, all before 8am and the first cup of coffee.

So I’m taking some time-out.

I shouldn’t have said that so close after the words ‘mental breakdown’ but I assure you it’s all good. I will be back in a couple of weeks, thesis free !

Until then, enjoy the snow 🙂


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