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Lukewarm Bodies

Hello everybody ,

A great thing has happened.

We have discovered that the health insurance we pay each month offers us free movie tickets every week! We discovered this some months after we started paying so lesson learned; read the small print.

So this weeks’ free movie review courtesy of boring insurance story goes to…(drumroll)..

Warm Bodies.

My decision-making somewhat clouded by getting in for free, I rather enjoyed this movie. The premise is fairly simple: zombie R falls in love with human Julie and slowly, very slowly, starts coming back to life. Also, the traditional zombie is given a makeover and no longer looks like this:

A zombie , on a good day
A zombie , on a good day

Instead, R looks like this:



Not bad.

Nicholas Hoult plays R very well and I felt a mixture of frustration and sadness watching him mumble his words and struggle to string a sentence together. The more time spent with Julie, the easier the words came and he begins to move faster, look better and his heart starts beating occasionally when Julie takes her top off. Great.

I couldn’t help feeling though that Zombies will be ruined forever by this movie. Vampires have been royally ******* over by the Twilight series, could R be doing the same for this breed of horror? I hope not. I hope this was a one-off and we’re not seeing the next generation of Zombie romantic comedies. I would hate that.

If it was a one-off, it was a good one. The beginning of the movie was probably my favourite as R shuffles around an empty airport. The initial long silences were also a rare opportunity to pay attention to the soundtrack, which had everything from Springsteen to Bon Iver, M83 and The National. It starts to get more action packed as Julies’ dad (zombie-phobic John Malkovich) realises Julie has fallen for the wrong guy and all hell breaks loose. Having said this, I’m pretty sure a walk in the park could become more action packed if John Malkovich was involved.

I would give this a 7/10 but also hope it’s the last of it’s kind that I’ll ever see.

I’m going to watch Dawn of the Dead now.

Dawn-of-the-Dead final


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