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The running diaries.

Good-day all ,

With my new-found time I have been very busy running around. Literally.

Aside from tennis (and even that’s debatable) , I was never really that good at any sport. A big fan of compulsory sports, I attended only what I really had to for my entire primary and high-school life.

I tried my hand at everything, but only because we all had to try something, so that someone could decide that this was in-fact not the sport for you.

Hockey ? – scared of the ball and scared of the stick. Spent every game running away.

Basketball? – not tall enough. But then none of us were..

Swimming? – not a chance. I could swim but my name would only be called if our coach wanted the team to lose, which was never.

Tennis – .. This I could do. But I hated being watched and I hated playing against other people. This made it very difficult to play.


Finally… Running – I don’t think I ever gave running a real chance. And this brings me to what I’ve been trying in the last week! For the last 7 days I have been keeping a diary of my runs. I started doing it purely to have something to do during my lunch-break at work. I don’t want to lose weight but I do want to change the way my current weight looks on my body. It’s an outfit that needs some tailoring and tightening up. What follows is a copy/paste from my running diary, Day 1 – Day 7.

Day 1

I installed an app on my phone called Runkeeper. I had a look at the activities and decided to go for a 5k beginner workout. The park is just behind our office building and I ran to the entrance. Runkeeper said I had done 0.2miles. It felt like more. I carried on for another 15 minutes but spent a lot of time stopping and looking at the app. It’s supposed to count down how many miles you’ve done and how fast you’re going but it wasn’t talking to me at all!! Anyhow, legs feel fine and weren’t too painful when I got back.

Day 2

Can’t stand up. Can’t sit down. I walked most of the way yesterday and covered 1.47miles and I am dieing today. On the plus side, it can’t be this painful and not be working.

Today’s run was much the same. Runkeeper isn’t very encouraging and I burned off the calorific equivalent of a chocolate digestive.

Day 3

Still very painful and stopping a LOT. For every 30 seconds I run I’m giving myself a 1 minute break. An old man (maybe late 60’s early 70’s) ran past me twice within the 20 minute run. I could tell he was judging me.

Day 4

Bitch Runkeeper. I have changed my units of measurement from miles to kilometres. NOW I’m doing 3.7km per run.

Day 5

I missed today 😦 . No there isn’t an excuse and I felt worse for it. I’m getting ready for my legs to hurt tomorrow when I go again and I feel like I need to do this every day to maintain the same mediocre level of fitness that I had, let alone make it better.

Day 6 

After a day’s gap I fully expected not to go today but I did! I’m not running any more than I was at the beginning of the week but I feel a lot better when I get back in to work. I’m not seeing any changes otherwise and I don’t expect to at this stage but it all feels good. I’m getting a little tired of seeing the same scenery though and I’ve started looking at what other routes I could do just as easily without having to see the same damn trees every day.

Day 7

I’ve plateaued . Or at least I think I have. I know I can probably push myself to run more than I am but I’m sticking to my 20-25 mins and leaving it at that! I’m still walking some of the way but to my credit, the walking is getting faster. Runkeeper is possibly the worst app ever invented. I hope I can keep this up!


2 thoughts on “The running diaries.

  1. Hi there,
    This post reminded so much of how I started. I did 1.5 miles my first run and couldn’t keep a good running/jogging pace. I use Nike+ running app but sometimes the gps tracking doesn’t work when the signal is low, so I had to keep checking.
    My first week was also the same, I couldn’t do more than 30mins of it and I’m still trying to to go 1.5 miles with a better time. Then maybe start adding miles once I’m happy with the progress.

    It takes a lot to even get started and I love reading other people’s experiences! Keep up the good work.

  2. This is encouraging! I’ll give the Nike+ a try and hope that in the bigger picture I wouldn’t need an app, but it’s nice to see numbers behind every run . All the best with yours!

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