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I’m very late to jump on this band-wagon but I got to see Django Unchained last week and what a treat it was.

My first introduction to Tarantino was in 1995 , ten years ago . ( No, …almost TWENTY years ago … does anyone else think the 90’s were only 10 years ago?)

His appearance in Desperado was a brief but memorable one for me. Desperado, although a great movie in itself, was always overshadowed by Tarantinos’ crazy and over the top joke about a guy who bets the bartender that he can piss into a glass without spilling a drop (his words not mine). I won’t go into the detail but this joke lasts for about 3 minutes and is so ridiculous, but one I will remember forever.

Watching Django Unchained was like listening to a 3 hour long version of this joke.

Yes, it is a long movie, but it’s done well enough to not notice the time go by. It’s billed as the highest grossing Western in history and I will just assume this is true because :

a) It is

and b) have you seen other Westerns? Not a lot of competition.

The dialogue is witty, intelligent and really makes the best use of all characters, particularly Christoph Waltz, who deservedly won an Oscar for his character ‘Dr Schultz’ .



Just watch it .

*Incidentally please don’t follow this on by watching the latest Hansel and Gretel. It could go as far as ruining your whole week.


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