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Il Girasole

Hello readers,

I stumbled on quite a find last week. (That’s a lie. Unless ‘stumbling upon’ has become the new ,’I was invited for a leaving-work party by my manager to this specific restaurant’.)

il Girasole (sunflower) is located on Garratt Lane in Wandsworth. You could easily mistake it for a coffee shop or breakfast cafe, however once you enter you are greeted by friendly staff, tables in the front and a small intimate area in the back, fully equipped with a brick oven for their tasty pizzas.




The wine: a huge selection of it. Unfortunately I didn’t want to risk trying any and driving home but my table looked suitably drunk after a couple of hours.

The food: everything from pasta with goats cheese, portobello mushrooms and garlic, to the more adventurous items like the rabbit (which I had). I wanted something different and the rabbit is most certainly the way to go. Cooked in a tomato-ey sauce with raisins (unpleasant surprise for me), black olives and mushrooms, the rabbit is presented to you on a pile of polenta….on a flat wooden board. I wouldn’t have minded this so much had it not been for present company. Trust me, trying to impress your managers and chasing a piece of rabbit through a runny yellow mess doesn’t look as attractive as it sounds.

The price: dinner for two (starters and mains) with wine would cost you roughly £50. If you opt out of alcoholic beverages it will be closer to £30-£40.

Atmosphere: we were the only ones there! It has the potential to be a great little place but it was too quiet for my liking. I would recommend a Saturday night for more of a buzz 🙂


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