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Mama, and other horror stories.

Hello all,

Like many of you (well…maybe not too many), I was quite excited to see Del Toros’ ‘Mama’ and I was not disappointed when I finally got the opportunity this weekend. It goes like this:

Lilly and Victoria ( two little girls aged around 3 and 6 (?) ) are  abandoned in a cabin in the woods by their father.. They are found 5 years later. There is more detail to this obviously but it’s not hugely important. The girls’ uncle is granted custody of the two children and he and his girlfriend Annabelle (Jessica Chastain) are left to care for them.

Damaged kids
Damaged kids

What ensues is a ‘who’s who’ of Bowlby’s Attachment Theory , or as I like to call it, ‘What could happen if you leave your kids alone in a cabin for 5 years’ :

Having missed out on the crucial first years of interaction with anything other than each other (and the monster in the cabin) , Lilly and Victoria do what any child would do:

– They walk weird

– They don’t talk much

– They eat moths

and they hate Jessica Chastain.

Jessica’s character tries to ignore all of the above but eventually it becomes apparent that the children have learnt their behaviours from something darker than neglect. I won’t give you too many spoilers here but there are a few scares, many of which you will see coming but still have an impact. Del Toro has redeemed himself in my eyes after The Hobbit.

In other news, I lived my own little horror movie this last week after having a wisdom tooth taken out.

I do believe that Dentists are solid proof our childhood experiences can shape our adult lives, as we saw quite clearly in Mama (except I don’t eat moths before my appointments). I can’t quite pinpoint mine to an exact moment, but I know all moments were horrible. This one was no exception. It took three people to get one tooth out, and I was not one of those three people.

Where you see dentist, I see this:


Sensing my fear, my dentist made sure to send me to a surgery which had a piece of cardboard as a ‘sliding door’, a pharmacy which was closed, and a dental surgeon who kept using the phrase ,’You will feel a slight pressure’ (slight = extreme, pressure = pain ).

Thankfully it’s all over. Until next time .


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