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Good-day everyone,

The movie world seems to be going through another Tom Cruise phase and the release of Oblivion yesterday was no exception.

We get to see the full range of Toms’ acting abilities as he puts on:

– His ‘action’ face

Exhibit A
Exhibit A


– His ‘concentrating’ face

Exhibit B
Exhibit B

and his ‘Don’t worry, I’ve got this, I’m Tom Cruise’ face.

Exhibit C
Exhibit C

The movie is set in a very clean and IKEA-esque post-war world, where Jack Harper (Cruise) is partnered with Victoria (Riseborough) to clean up earth before getting the hell outta there to Saturns’ moon (apparently a much better destination). It’s a little bit like Wall-E , minus the wit and intelligence.
Jacks memory has also been erased and replaced with only the knowledge that he needs to finish his cleaning job before heading up to Saturn. His job is made a little harder by ‘scavs’ (scavengers). He also occasionally has flashing images of himself with a girl on top of the Empire State building, repressed memories of some sort which later lead him to discover that he is being lied to by the higher powers (”What?! Really?!”) .

Morgan Freeman makes an appearance but his talents are wasted with lines like ,” They took our best <looks at Tom Cruise> … and cloned him.”

I would have probably given this a 7/10 if Kosinski (director, co-writer) had attempted to throw in some of the humour we see in the Mission Impossible movies but unfortunately that was nowhere to be seen here.
I’ll give credit where it’s due for the scenery and effort put into creating the world surrounding the characters. Kosinski’s work with Tron:Legacy was second to none and it shows here too. Oblivion could possibly be the best looking bad movie I’ve seen this year.

Let me know what you thought of it!

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