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A mixed bag.

So yesterday we got the opportunity to see a movie before its’ release date!

I wish I could tell you it was exclusively for us. I wish I could tell you I was asked to review this movie and later post it on my super popular blog.

Not the case.

We won vouchers.

All the same it was a treat watching Olympus Has Fallen, as much as I expected it to be an utter failure of a movie, it was good!

Olympus has Fallen 1

(Minor gripe – Gerard Butler always looks like he’s chewing on something )

It has everything you would expect from an american action movie; bad guys (usually Korean , Russian or Serbian , this time they were Korean), Morgan Freeman, american flags falling in slow motion, and really really bad acting.For all of these reasons, it’s a great movie. Don’t ask why, it just works

In other news, THIS:



Some very tasty nachos were had at The Bank on Northcote Road in Clapham. If you’re ever near there, Northcote Road in general has a lot of good places for food and drink and this is no exception. One problem:  a large glass of wine and these nachos cost me £12  … I’m pretty sure that’s not good. If you’re not alarmed by that price, then this place is for you !

All the time in the world at The Bank
All the time in the world at The Bank


And I’ll leave you with that for now 🙂 Enjoy your week!




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