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The running diaries: Part Two

Hello everyone,

You probably won’t remember that some time ago, I wrote about how I ran…for 20 minutes a day…for a couple of days. It was all very exciting.

After only a few days I didn’t feel equipped to tell you that running is the best or worst thing in the world, so I’m returning to the subject two months down the line.

I’m still running 2-3 times a week, not as regularly as before but when I do I run for longer periods of time and feel less likely to call 999.




In no particular order, I have also noticed the following things happening:

– I have not lost weight. I’m not telling you this because I was aiming to lose any. I’m telling you this because if you’re thinking regular 30 minute runs are going to help you shed some kg’s, they won’t. After a steady 30 minute run, I burn off around 200 calories. That is equal to one really good biscuit.

– I don’t have more energy. People have told me they have ”so much more energy” when they exercise regularly. Those people were lieing to me. I have more energy immediately after my runs, yes. But more energy in general? Not happening.

– I’m drinking more water. When I say more, I mean about 1.5-2litres a day. (I previously kept myself functioning on under 500 ml a day. I don’t know how I did it. It was a gift ).

– Experiencing a need for colourful food; Salads, vegetables, fish, and less of a need for dairy, starchy, oily foods. I can smell the oil (a superpower of some sort has developed).

– I run faster and longer with company. I’m certain this has been proven scientifically but I’m too lazy to look it up. Running alone is nothing compared to running with someone you know, trying to show them how well you’re doing while you’re secretly dieing inside.

So yes, it’s going well.

Also here is a food photo and something I like to have after a run, or anytime…or all the time.

Avocado on rye crispbread

What you’ll need:

– x1 (preferably soft) Avocado

– rye crispbread

– x1 lemon

– salt and cayenne pepper to taste

Mash up your avocado, squeeze in the lemon and spread over the crisp bread with a little salt and pepper. I like mine with a little bit of cottage cheese.

Enjoy (the running or the eating) !

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