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Field Trips and Tea

Hello everybody,

Most of you will have experienced a class field trip at some point in your lives. My first class trip was in Grade 7 (*Grades may work differently where you are so we were roughly 11-12 years old).

If you haven’t experienced a class trip, here’s what happens:

You and your classmates are sent off into the wilderness with your teacher (it’s usually the one who teaches ‘Sports’). You’re sent out there for a day or two but it feels like you go for a month. It’s a Bear-Grylls type experience, except you’re unfortunately not alone and have to learn to get along with people and ‘bond’. Surprisingly after your  first hour of building a raft from sticks and plastic barrels (which by the way does not work ), you start to make some new friends. You also learn very quickly which people should not be allowed on the raft (of life).

All in all you will come away with many good memories (climbing mountains, hiking ..pushing people off rafts..) . One of the many I had was my first experience of drinking tea (with milk). From what I remember, we were sitting by the fire trying to make our own food (a good effort but a disaster really) and somewhere in the middle of it all I was handed a cup of tea.

Possibly because of how bad everything else tasted, it was the best thing I had had all day. To this day I really do believe a cup of tea can make everything better. It may not solve everything , but in that moment you will feel better.

Yumchaa Tea House in Soho will do just that for you. Yes, yes you can have a cup of tea at home. But can you have a choice of over 20 types of black tea, white tea, green tea, rooibos and tisanes!? No. No you can’t.

I finally chose the 'Regent's Park green tea'. Glorious.
I finally chose the ‘Regent’s Park green tea’. Glorious.
It would be rude to have only tea. You have to have tea and cake (banana and nutella).
It would be rude to have only tea. You have to have tea and cake (banana and nutella).
Regent's Park in a cup.
Regent’s Park in a cup.

And with that, I’m going to Yum (drink) Chaa (tea).

Goodnight readers!





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The one with all the oil

Good-evening all,

It’s getting hot in here. It was a balmy 15C today.

With the soaring temperatures, I’m sure the last thing you want to be hearing about is oil: body oil. But I’ll talk about it anyway, obviously.

It took quite some time for me to stop associating the words ‘body oil’ with massage, body building, and generally slippery looking people. But this little box changed my mind:

Magic box.


The box contains 6 different body oils, all very small so you can try them and see which one you like best.

ESPA body oils
ESPA body oils

From left to right the Detoxifying, Energising, Fitness, Resistance, Restorative and Soothing body oils all have different functions (if I have to tell you what these functions do then there’s something wrong with you). One thing I should say  is that , depending on the function, they advise for you to apply them at different times of day.

The Detoxifying, Energising and Fitness oils are better applied before 5pm or in the morning after your shower. And the rest are best applied after 5pm and right before you head off to bed. … I’ve found that none of this really matters. Applying the Energising body oil after 5pm doesn’t keep you up until 2am. They’re all the same: oil is oil.

The effect of them however is amazing. The oils work best when you’ve gotten out of your shower or bath and haven’t dried yourself off completely. My skin after  3 weeks of using them feels softer and has a sheen to it but is not oily at all. It feels exactly like I’ve applied moisturiser to it and I’ve found it to be less sticky than applying cream.

I’m not convinced I’ll stay with the same brand after trying these samples and they are running out very quickly. But I do have my eye on some others, let me know if you’ve come across them before!






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Fast and Furious… 6.

Good-day bloggers,

Yesterday’s viewing of ‘Fast and Furious 5’ was exactly what I expected of the high-octane franchise. What I didn’t expect however was returning home to search for reviews of this movie and to find that I had infact watched Fast and Furious 6 … not 5.

 Too many Fast and Furiouseseseses.

 Here are some things to avoid thinking about when watching Fast and Furious 6:

–         Pedestrians – where are they?

–         the physics of 3 cars stopping a cargo aeroplane.

–         And where is Dwayne (The Rock) Johnsons neck?


Our main characters have somewhat moved on from the first movie and are now living in mansions, flying on private jets and giving birth to their babies in a serene Spanish convent (not kidding). Fans of the franchise will still love this and the cinema yesterday was packed. People laughed, cheered and even clapped at the end. 

I clapped too, but mainly because I was genuinely happy it was all over.



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Birdhouse VS Artisan

Good-day all,

Fear not, this is not a review of a Z-List movie (although reviewing Mega-Shark vs Crocosaurus is high on my to-do list). It’s all about the coffee today.

I wrote many versions of this paragraph to try and excite you all about what happened today but what it really comes down to is:

I had coffee in the morning , and I had coffee at lunch-time.

Here is where I had coffee number 1:

The Birdhouse

The Birdhouse's appealing interior.
The Birdhouse’s appealing interior.

If birds drank coffee, they would drink here. Nothing to do with the name, just the portion size. And they would be charged £2.40 for it . And they wouldn’t be able to pay by card because it’s cash only unless it’s over £5. And then the bird would need a bigger wallet and then life would be miserable for the bird.

But I shouldn’t be so harsh on the portion size. Our super-sized lifestyle has probably given us a warped sense of what a cup of coffee should look like ( a ‘venti’ coffee from Starbucks is the size of a traffic cone for example ). And really, a flat white from the Birdhouse  did taste good , and real. As did their oatmeal cookie.

Flat white and oatmeal cookie to go.
Flat white and oatmeal cookie to go.


My lunchtime stop-over took me to the other end of Putney to the much talked about


Artisan - The heart of coffee
Artisan – The heart of coffee

Artisan claims to be the ‘heart of coffee’ and they might just be. I arrived to a heaving room full of people: workers, mothers, daughters, artists, passers-by. I made my order of a latte and ham-cheese sandwich and took a seat. This was what arrived first:

Water - not what I ordered but when it's free, don't say anything.
Water – not what I ordered but when it’s free, don’t say anything.

A complimentary water was the first sign that the coffee might be good and strong. I wished I had taken a photo of the additional ‘Water Stations’ they had in the corner of the room, very nice and different touch!

Artisan latte
Artisan latte


The coffee that arrived might have been the most coffee-tasting coffee I have had in London. Well done Artisan! I’m not a strong-coffee drinker but feel confident enough to bring anyone here who wants ‘real coffee’. It was a pleasure to have a ‘Goodbye, thank you!’ shouted out after me as I left the doors and I will definitely be back.

I’m not sure if there was a winner today, both the Birdhouse and Artisan try (and succeed) to offer you the same thing: a change from the coffee-chain. Make sure your expectations are in check with the size and price you’re expecting and enjoy your cup 🙂






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Boldly going nowhere

Watching bad movies so you don’t have to.

This was terrible.

That's me, staring at the ruin that is this movie.
That’s me, staring at the ruin that is this movie.

I’m not the best placed person to review Star Trek , Star Wars, or  Star movies of any kind. I have either fallen asleep or switched to another movie within the first 30 minutes. Unfortunately this was so loud I couldn’t fall asleep and I had a lot of popcorn to finish (first world problems).

JJ Abrams’ latest instalment has Captain Kirk and his crew running after baddie John Harrison (Benedict Cumberbatch), aggravating the Cling-ons in the process by blowing things up on their planet. A lot of other things happen, a lot of moving parts, and all of this I felt tried to cover up for a complete lack of meaningful character interaction. Cumberbatch does a decent job of being the British bad guy, but I kept getting distracted by scenes like this:

Look familiar?
Look familiar?
Ahh yes. Now I remember.
Ahh yes. Now I remember.


Except you’re not watching the Avengers. You’re watching Star Trek.

In other news, that passport I talked about earlier? I got it. Now I can boldly go where billions of others have gone before, without a visa!



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Identifying yourself

Hello bloggers, readers,

Today I had to ‘identify myself’ to get a british passport. I would imagine not all of you are reading this from the sunny island so I’ll explain a little bit of what happens/happened here. If you have been living here for some time, you might eventually get to a point where you will be  allowed to apply for a passport.

You are then invited for an interview to make sure that they don’t issue a passport to someone who is not you. The interview is conducted by a person who makes Dolph Lundgren look charismatic.

Some of the questions asked included the obvious; birthdays, addresses, work-places… And the less obvious; describing the building of my registry ceremony, describing the layout of my house… (adjectives – you think you know them , think again.)

Now, I’m usually a very confident person. I know who I am. I know where I’m from. But today I had to prove that I knew who I was , so that I could become a part of something else and become , nationality-wise, someone else. It all felt very strange.

And while I feel extremely fortunate to have gotten to this point, I also feel extremely fortunate that I can keep both passports and be a little bit like ‘007’ if you will. Except I’m Serbian. And I would never be made 007. We are still the drug dealing, tracksuit wearing, go-to cinematic bad guys (I’m proud of this).

So now I wait for a week or so while they make a decision.

In the meantime, I’m enjoying these (review to follow this week!):