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Identifying yourself

Hello bloggers, readers,

Today I had to ‘identify myself’ to get a british passport. I would imagine not all of you are reading this from the sunny island so I’ll explain a little bit of what happens/happened here. If you have been living here for some time, you might eventually get to a point where you will be  allowed to apply for a passport.

You are then invited for an interview to make sure that they don’t issue a passport to someone who is not you. The interview is conducted by a person who makes Dolph Lundgren look charismatic.

Some of the questions asked included the obvious; birthdays, addresses, work-places… And the less obvious; describing the building of my registry ceremony, describing the layout of my house… (adjectives – you think you know them , think again.)

Now, I’m usually a very confident person. I know who I am. I know where I’m from. But today I had to prove that I knew who I was , so that I could become a part of something else and become , nationality-wise, someone else. It all felt very strange.

And while I feel extremely fortunate to have gotten to this point, I also feel extremely fortunate that I can keep both passports and be a little bit like ‘007’ if you will. Except I’m Serbian. And I would never be made 007. We are still the drug dealing, tracksuit wearing, go-to cinematic bad guys (I’m proud of this).

So now I wait for a week or so while they make a decision.

In the meantime, I’m enjoying these (review to follow this week!):





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