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Birdhouse VS Artisan

Good-day all,

Fear not, this is not a review of a Z-List movie (although reviewing Mega-Shark vs Crocosaurus is high on my to-do list). It’s all about the coffee today.

I wrote many versions of this paragraph to try and excite you all about what happened today but what it really comes down to is:

I had coffee in the morning , and I had coffee at lunch-time.

Here is where I had coffee number 1:

The Birdhouse

The Birdhouse's appealing interior.
The Birdhouse’s appealing interior.

If birds drank coffee, they would drink here. Nothing to do with the name, just the portion size. And they would be charged £2.40 for it . And they wouldn’t be able to pay by card because it’s cash only unless it’s over £5. And then the bird would need a bigger wallet and then life would be miserable for the bird.

But I shouldn’t be so harsh on the portion size. Our super-sized lifestyle has probably given us a warped sense of what a cup of coffee should look like ( a ‘venti’ coffee from Starbucks is the size of a traffic cone for example ). And really, a flat white from the Birdhouse  did taste good , and real. As did their oatmeal cookie.

Flat white and oatmeal cookie to go.
Flat white and oatmeal cookie to go.


My lunchtime stop-over took me to the other end of Putney to the much talked about


Artisan - The heart of coffee
Artisan – The heart of coffee

Artisan claims to be the ‘heart of coffee’ and they might just be. I arrived to a heaving room full of people: workers, mothers, daughters, artists, passers-by. I made my order of a latte and ham-cheese sandwich and took a seat. This was what arrived first:

Water - not what I ordered but when it's free, don't say anything.
Water – not what I ordered but when it’s free, don’t say anything.

A complimentary water was the first sign that the coffee might be good and strong. I wished I had taken a photo of the additional ‘Water Stations’ they had in the corner of the room, very nice and different touch!

Artisan latte
Artisan latte


The coffee that arrived might have been the most coffee-tasting coffee I have had in London. Well done Artisan! I’m not a strong-coffee drinker but feel confident enough to bring anyone here who wants ‘real coffee’. It was a pleasure to have a ‘Goodbye, thank you!’ shouted out after me as I left the doors and I will definitely be back.

I’m not sure if there was a winner today, both the Birdhouse and Artisan try (and succeed) to offer you the same thing: a change from the coffee-chain. Make sure your expectations are in check with the size and price you’re expecting and enjoy your cup 🙂






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