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Fast and Furious… 6.

Good-day bloggers,

Yesterday’s viewing of ‘Fast and Furious 5’ was exactly what I expected of the high-octane franchise. What I didn’t expect however was returning home to search for reviews of this movie and to find that I had infact watched Fast and Furious 6 … not 5.

 Too many Fast and Furiouseseseses.

 Here are some things to avoid thinking about when watching Fast and Furious 6:

–         Pedestrians – where are they?

–         the physics of 3 cars stopping a cargo aeroplane.

–         And where is Dwayne (The Rock) Johnsons neck?


Our main characters have somewhat moved on from the first movie and are now living in mansions, flying on private jets and giving birth to their babies in a serene Spanish convent (not kidding). Fans of the franchise will still love this and the cinema yesterday was packed. People laughed, cheered and even clapped at the end. 

I clapped too, but mainly because I was genuinely happy it was all over.



3 thoughts on “Fast and Furious… 6.

  1. Its called Fast 6, the previous one was called Fast 5. How on earth did they get confused with each other. Fast 6 is a lot better if you watch the previous films, you can of course skip Tokyo Drift, its the black sheep of the family. Watch the rest of them and you will appreciate a lot of whats going on in Fast 6 a lot more.

    1. I have ! They all merge into one for me. It doesn’t make them bad at all but it’s very difficult to tell them apart. I feel the same about the Resident evil movies but I’m still a secret fan . …no longer secret.

      1. I lost hope for the Resident Evil films after the second one, it just got outrageous. As far as the F&F series blending into one another and not being able to tell them apart I agree. It is hard to tell them apart. But I love it, its one of the few film series that has managed to get better as it goes on and its so in depth with its characters that its more like a tv show like NCIS where you just care about the characters not so much the action.

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