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The one with all the oil

Good-evening all,

It’s getting hot in here. It was a balmy 15C today.

With the soaring temperatures, I’m sure the last thing you want to be hearing about is oil: body oil. But I’ll talk about it anyway, obviously.

It took quite some time for me to stop associating the words ‘body oil’ with massage, body building, and generally slippery looking people. But this little box changed my mind:

Magic box.


The box contains 6 different body oils, all very small so you can try them and see which one you like best.

ESPA body oils
ESPA body oils

From left to right the Detoxifying, Energising, Fitness, Resistance, Restorative and Soothing body oils all have different functions (if I have to tell you what these functions do then there’s something wrong with you). One thing I should say  is that , depending on the function, they advise for you to apply them at different times of day.

The Detoxifying, Energising and Fitness oils are better applied before 5pm or in the morning after your shower. And the rest are best applied after 5pm and right before you head off to bed. … I’ve found that none of this really matters. Applying the Energising body oil after 5pm doesn’t keep you up until 2am. They’re all the same: oil is oil.

The effect of them however is amazing. The oils work best when you’ve gotten out of your shower or bath and haven’t dried yourself off completely. My skin after  3 weeks of using them feels softer and has a sheen to it but is not oily at all. It feels exactly like I’ve applied moisturiser to it and I’ve found it to be less sticky than applying cream.

I’m not convinced I’ll stay with the same brand after trying these samples and they are running out very quickly. But I do have my eye on some others, let me know if you’ve come across them before!






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