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Field Trips and Tea

Hello everybody,

Most of you will have experienced a class field trip at some point in your lives. My first class trip was in Grade 7 (*Grades may work differently where you are so we were roughly 11-12 years old).

If you haven’t experienced a class trip, here’s what happens:

You and your classmates are sent off into the wilderness with your teacher (it’s usually the one who teaches ‘Sports’). You’re sent out there for a day or two but it feels like you go for a month. It’s a Bear-Grylls type experience, except you’re unfortunately not alone and have to learn to get along with people and ‘bond’. Surprisingly after your  first hour of building a raft from sticks and plastic barrels (which by the way does not work ), you start to make some new friends. You also learn very quickly which people should not be allowed on the raft (of life).

All in all you will come away with many good memories (climbing mountains, hiking ..pushing people off rafts..) . One of the many I had was my first experience of drinking tea (with milk). From what I remember, we were sitting by the fire trying to make our own food (a good effort but a disaster really) and somewhere in the middle of it all I was handed a cup of tea.

Possibly because of how bad everything else tasted, it was the best thing I had had all day. To this day I really do believe a cup of tea can make everything better. It may not solve everything , but in that moment you will feel better.

Yumchaa Tea House in Soho will do just that for you. Yes, yes you can have a cup of tea at home. But can you have a choice of over 20 types of black tea, white tea, green tea, rooibos and tisanes!? No. No you can’t.

I finally chose the 'Regent's Park green tea'. Glorious.
I finally chose the ‘Regent’s Park green tea’. Glorious.
It would be rude to have only tea. You have to have tea and cake (banana and nutella).
It would be rude to have only tea. You have to have tea and cake (banana and nutella).
Regent's Park in a cup.
Regent’s Park in a cup.

And with that, I’m going to Yum (drink) Chaa (tea).

Goodnight readers!





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