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Man of Steel …

Hello readers,

It was the highly anticipated opening of Man of Steel today.

henry cavill


I don’t know if I was ever really excited about seeing any of the Superman movies. I’m more of a Marvel comic fan than DC (Yes there is a difference), but something about this looked different,  and it was!

What was ”good” different:

– using Henry Cavill – brilliant move casting crew, brilliant move.

– some mysteries explained – the first sequences are almost identical in script to the 1978 Superman (except Marlon Brando is replaced by Russell Crowe and this annoys me) . We get to see not only where Kal-El originated, but that he was the first of his kind to be born naturally for centuries. Later in the movie, Jor-El explains to Kal that he is to be someone us humans are to aspire to … I hardly think flying and shooting lasers out of my eyes is a reasonable and achievable goal but nevermind.

– the size (of everything) – huge production and looks great.

What was ”bad” different:

– It’s all over the place. We go from baby Kal-El shot into space, to grown-man Kal-El already using his powers like a pro. Brief glimpses of his childhood are there but I personally liked the gradual ease into his powers that some of the older movies had.

– Where is the chemistry between Lois Lane and Kal-El !? – there is no Man of Steel there I can tell you that much.

– There is such a thing as too many explosions. Simpler is better!



In as many of these remakes as we’ve seen, I don’t think this will be the last. There was still no sign of baddie Lex Luthor. If you focus less on the explosions however, you’ll notice ‘Lexcorp’ on some of the trucks being thrown around.

Overall , a 3/5 for me. What was it for you?


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