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World War Z zzzzzzzzzzzzz

Hello readers,

If you’re a fan of zombie movies I would imagine that it doesn’t take a lot to thrill you, so you’ll like this movie. And I don’t mean that in a bad way. You will see a lot of zombies, fast ones. There’s a lot of running, screaming, panicking.

But if you were expecting an interesting adaptation of Max Brooks’ novel, it doesn’t happen here.

Scarf-wearing Brad Pitt, a U.N Investigator (what the hell is that anyway?), globe trots across the U.S.A , Israel and Cardiff (yeah, I know) to investigate the causes of a zombie outbreak.

brad pitt


As it turns out, Brad Pitts’ investigative skills are entirely useless and no known cause of the outbreak is ever found. Approximately 90 minutes into the movie, this was all we knew about the zombies:

– They’re fast . Except when they’re not. Any noise makes them move faster. (Stay away from activities like hymn singing)

– They’re great at team-working to achieve a common goal. Like bringing down this helicopter which flies too close to the ground anyway.




Along with no cause, no known cure is found either.

Pitt figures out a way for us humans to be avoided by the zombies by injecting himself with an incurable illness (Typhoid? Not attractive to zombies). I’m not quite sure I would enjoy injecting myself with HIV just to go to the supermarket but this is a reality the people of World War Z will have to live with.

Somebody give me a good movie!!!


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