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Business and Busy-ness

Hello friends,

I turn around for one second and they’re making a musical out of The Commitments, and Ben Affleck is the new Batman. I really don’t know which is worse.

The Commitments, if you haven’t seen it, is just a perfect movie. It is a movie about music, great music. But it is not a musical.

Ben Affleck, if you haven’t seen him, is horrendous.

When did it become so popular to ride off of past successes  and think this would make good viewing for the future?

Affleck wins oscar for Argo. Stick him in a bat-suit.
In other news :
ive left my job, started a business of which i know nothing of, and i still occasionaly go running (which is the most unbelievable thing of all).
Also, im writing to you from an airport. I feel very important sitting here typing away.

The time has finally come for me to go to that Pink Floyd/Roger Waters concert i wrote about some time ago !

So for now, adios!

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The Conjuring

Hello readers,

Here follows a review of The Conjuring. And here is a picture of my dinner, which has more depth than The Conjuring:

Served with a side of boring movie.

Tomato, avocado, mozzarella (season with basil and lemon). Anyway back to this..

The movie tells the story of the Perron family who move in to their huge ,depressing looking farmhouse in Rhode Island. Things start going wrong almost immediately; clocks stop working (it’s set in the 70’s where people still had clocks), kids start having imaginary friends, and parents start to do ludicrous things like playing hide and seek on the second floor of the house, whilst blindfolded.

Incidentally the hide and seek scene was a winner for me. There is nothing more terrifying than hide and seek, with or without paranormal activity.

The Perron family hire Ed and Lorraine (let’s call them Edlaine) , the ghost busting couple who would later go on to investigate the Amityville case (if you know your horrors I shouldn’t have to explain but google it ) . Edlaine very quickly swoop in to the Perron family’s lives and are soon moved in to their home, eating their cereal and occasionally recording ‘strange noises’.

What follows is typical horror movie stuff that all of us have seen before and will probably continue to have a love/hate relationship with. A 4/10 for me!




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Holi Moley…

Hello readers,

Last Saturday saw the beginning of two Holi festivals here in London (3rd August and 10th/11th August) and lucky me went to one of them! … ( I wasn’t lucky really. I paid £19.99 ).

Traditionally and according to Wikipedia ( I take this blog very seriously ), Holi festivals are a celebration of the ending of winter, and the beginning of spring. I predict that all future festivals of this nature in London will be held at this time of year; August.

The event saw some 15 000 people flocking to Battersea Power Station to throw brightly coloured powder all over the place to the sound of thumping electro/house music. Not quite the bohemian tradition I was hoping for but it was fun non-the-less.

Here’s what to expect and prepare for if you’re going to next weekends’ session:

– Don’t dress well. Wear something white but most of all, wear something that you couldn’t give two hoots about.

– Bring your glasses. The bigger the better. I saw someone in the crowd with a gas mask on and by the end of the experience I genuinely wished I was him.

– Bring a face mask. There is no limit to the amount of dust you will swallow.

–  If you’re expecting to capture amazing photographs of colour in the middle of the crowd, I will crush this dream for you right now. It won’t happen. About 3 seconds of colour turns into a brown choking mess of bodies, sprays of water (or maybe beer?), screaming and last ditch attempts to fling some more colour at your friends and loved ones. It’s a hot mess.

Enjoy the Holi season ! I will leave you with a photo which I did not take , obviously.