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Holi Moley…

Hello readers,

Last Saturday saw the beginning of two Holi festivals here in London (3rd August and 10th/11th August) and lucky me went to one of them! … ( I wasn’t lucky really. I paid £19.99 ).

Traditionally and according to Wikipedia ( I take this blog very seriously ), Holi festivals are a celebration of the ending of winter, and the beginning of spring. I predict that all future festivals of this nature in London will be held at this time of year; August.

The event saw some 15 000 people flocking to Battersea Power Station to throw brightly coloured powder all over the place to the sound of thumping electro/house music. Not quite the bohemian tradition I was hoping for but it was fun non-the-less.

Here’s what to expect and prepare for if you’re going to next weekends’ session:

– Don’t dress well. Wear something white but most of all, wear something that you couldn’t give two hoots about.

– Bring your glasses. The bigger the better. I saw someone in the crowd with a gas mask on and by the end of the experience I genuinely wished I was him.

– Bring a face mask. There is no limit to the amount of dust you will swallow.

–  If you’re expecting to capture amazing photographs of colour in the middle of the crowd, I will crush this dream for you right now. It won’t happen. About 3 seconds of colour turns into a brown choking mess of bodies, sprays of water (or maybe beer?), screaming and last ditch attempts to fling some more colour at your friends and loved ones. It’s a hot mess.

Enjoy the Holi season ! I will leave you with a photo which I did not take , obviously.





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