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The Conjuring

Hello readers,

Here follows a review of The Conjuring. And here is a picture of my dinner, which has more depth than The Conjuring:

Served with a side of boring movie.

Tomato, avocado, mozzarella (season with basil and lemon). Anyway back to this..

The movie tells the story of the Perron family who move in to their huge ,depressing looking farmhouse in Rhode Island. Things start going wrong almost immediately; clocks stop working (it’s set in the 70’s where people still had clocks), kids start having imaginary friends, and parents start to do ludicrous things like playing hide and seek on the second floor of the house, whilst blindfolded.

Incidentally the hide and seek scene was a winner for me. There is nothing more terrifying than hide and seek, with or without paranormal activity.

The Perron family hire Ed and Lorraine (let’s call them Edlaine) , the ghost busting couple who would later go on to investigate the Amityville case (if you know your horrors I shouldn’t have to explain but google it ) . Edlaine very quickly swoop in to the Perron family’s lives and are soon moved in to their home, eating their cereal and occasionally recording ‘strange noises’.

What follows is typical horror movie stuff that all of us have seen before and will probably continue to have a love/hate relationship with. A 4/10 for me!




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